Sunday, May 04, 2008

Liak kappa trip

It's been one whole year since the last kappa trip (on last yr's Labour day).

This time I followed Heng & her hubby + gang to a new place at Teluk Kumbar on 3th May (Saturday). There were together 9x of us.

We had to wade through this water. There were sharp rocks underneath the water therefore we mustn't go near the shoreline but went to deeper side instead. My ankle was scratched and having slight bleeding, I had no choice but continued moving. :) I had to abandon bringing my camera and pouch as even by clinging them on my neck they would get wet. Our hands got to take the pails and etc tools somemore. It's at least 5 -feet depth at the water we started to 'work' on (to filter the kappa from the shells). Heng & I climbed up the rock to prevent the tide from washing away our yield. We all co-operated very well oh. Each fellow has done a great job! The greatest man of all was the PRO who went further in depth to dig out the mud+kappa with his special-made tool.

At the same area there were 4 to 5 other groups too. From strangers chit-chatting became like friends!

This time was professional-level's kappa trip. Therefore you could see how fruitful the result was after working for 2 and 1/2 hrs. It's near to 7.45p.m. when we were done.

Go here for my original taste of kappa . :)