Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Liak Kappa II

We are back again after 1 month !!! :p

This time we chose to go in the early morning instead. We were well prepared with bangku, pail, kar loe, cap & etc.

clockwise : JB & son, GE, me and the malay lady who so happened to korek beside me - our 'neighbour'.

I woke up earlier than normal working day leh. It's Labour day holiday leh, why were we all so 贱骨头 uh?! :) Reaching there ~ 7.30a.m. 9.30a.m. sao tong already coz the sea water kept on chasing us away!

These are our 'sao wok' after ~ 1 and 1/2 hrs of hard work!

Everyone of us got more harvest than last time. A hem!

Top to btm : JB (kappa queen this round), GE and me (still maintain being the LAST!)

Go here for kappa (after cooked).