Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Old ginger spice

Wah! This old dentist really good lah! No wonder my breakfast gang cha bor are his supporters lah. He really got 'kang hu'! :) Unlike those clinics at Sri Mutiara or etc at Bayan Baru area one, they either made your gum bleed, swollen or made your teeth ended up very 'siap' and got to eat 'medicine' somemore for just a plain 'wash teeth'. :(

I very seldom go to dental clinis for I have never had any decay teeth before. Up till now still the same. I still remember how the dentist at Batu Lanchang asked me to leave after checking my teeth. That was during form 6 if not mistaken. He checked then said," Why you come to see me?" I told him I wanted to 'wash' my teeth coz I heard my friend said by doing so the teeth can become 'whitish'. He laughed and said," You don't need to wash anything coz you got no problems at all. Yours is genetically this kind of colour, white doesn't mean healthy."

I only started to visit dental clinics since I started working. This is my third time so far. First and second time paid by company. Third time - FOC also hmm hei hon :). Yesterday purposely went to this Siak Dental Surgery @ Bayan Lepas - highly recommended by breakfast gang one. Eventhough I have to fork out RM60 myself, I am willing to coz he is so damn good! :) You totally felt nothing.

姜是老的辣! (Old ginger spice!) *big grin*

Siak Dental Surgery (04-6430796) @ Jalan Raya, Bayan Lepas (opp. Southern Bank / Post office).

The last time I felt like shopping for clothes was in Mac. The urge came again, after half a year, in Oct - here and here . Perhaps the 'mission' can be resumed during this raya 10-day-off ! Hah! :)

Monday, October 16, 2006

Gone my Italy

Phew~~~~~! 'Low tide' lah me coz the Italy trip was confirmed to be cancelled already. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

I was so damn heng fun leh when I happened to know that Lna's family will be going in late Nov and I am lucky that I can join one leg (!). It's so difficult to have kaki going to Italy one leh. And this time the chance comes so definitely I must not let go liao lah. Mana tau.......Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! The previous BKK trip was off, and now this Italy trip also dead. How come like that one har?! *bite bite bite my arm*

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Be strong

So many things happened.
So little effort we could offer.
So unpredictable the next step could be.
So little time for us to complete.

Gals! What doesn't kill you make you stronger.