Friday, September 28, 2007


Away from 29th Sep to 5th Oct. 'Recharge' myself! :p

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Brand tag 情结

OK,我要再说一次,白痴也好,痴ma筋也好,我的另一个让人"OMG!有没搞错?!"的嗜好就是收集brand tag.

我算过了, 目前大约有不同款式的统共850 pcs. 离我的目标二千张还远叻!亲爱的,请多多捐献, 好吗? 我从来没有停止收集叻,所以别把它们给丢弃了.

The brand tags could be from ANY items. I still remember Qn gave me a tag from a new wok brought by her sis! I sapu also! Ha!

My niece arranged for me this box one.

Here got some of those grouped under 'others' type one, got huan tui tong ei sticker oi(!), got key chains, bookmarks and the remote control cover stickers etc, see?

Here's my 至尊 super box! My beloved special or ultra good quality brang tags are all here.

super collection I

super collection II

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Free dress

Wah, lately I was presented some free dresses loh. Syiok!! :p

Gift from GuangZhou trip.

Courtesy from YC. Wah......chaeng ah! ngam ngam fit ah! Save money for dinner dress again. :)

Wanna talk about difficulty in finding Ginvera marvel gel near my area. I don't wish to buy those come in package (come with cleanser etc) one lah, just the individual piece. SS takde, Giant guardian takde, I-Avenue watson takde, egate guardian takde....I got them finally at Tesco's Watson! Got 3 generations already leh. First generation is the plain- look marvel gel (the cheapest). 2nd generation is the green tea + whitening marvel gel(add~RM10). 3rd generation is the nutri white marvel gel (almost same price with the first).
Below is the 3rd generation one. I know lah got difference btw 1st and 2nd, but the 3rd?! What's the difference leh heh?

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

clock watchers

Yesterday read the newspaper fu4 kan1 and came across an article talking about job hopping. "Nowadays the young ones believe that they have to job-hop in order to increase their salaries and upgrade their positions. It's very rare to have those employees who are willing to dedicate themselves whole-heartedly in one company w/o any thought of job-hopping. 'chyuut chung' already loh. Out of these ppl, of course there bounced to be some who are chair warmers or clock watchers. "

OMG! I've served this company for more than 7 yrs, does that imply that I am also one of the clock watchers? :)

Sunday, September 02, 2007

透明雨伞情结 (transparent umbrella knot)


这雨伞在被航运回来的过程中,有多处地方被弄破了,好可惜! 不用紧,我已经用透明胶纸把每一处破洞都给封了,哈哈哈哈!

嗤!要笑就笑出来吧! :)

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Lumut trip

Lumut trip on Merdeka day.

Departed at 10.30a.m. -> went thru Taiping -> Cangkat jering -> Lunch @Pantai Remis -> 'Sightseeing' @Setiawan -> Lumut -> reached hotel around 2.30p.m.

Our hotel @ The Lumut Country Resort (3-star) (RM95)...hmm...not bad leh. :)

We took the 4.30p.m. ferry to P.Pangkor, reached there around 5p.m., we rented a van and went round island till 7.45p.m.

We went to Dutch Fort, some temples, then shopped for pangkor sea products etc, makan.

After coming back from Pangkor, we drove to Setiawan again for The Store's shopping + supper.

2nd day - We went for breakfast, then went to Teluk Batik (pantai). I was very impressed with their beach. It's very well maintained. A lot of 'pondok' and resting chairs. A lot of ppl camping and picnic there. There were many tall old trees along the beach shaded away the sunlight thus making the sheltered portion very wide and cool. Wah.....I got the cong1 dong4 to buy the tent also after seeing they camped like this. :)

Then we proceeded to Ayer Tawar for a kenduri -> Ipoh. We visited Nan Tian Dong.