Sunday, June 24, 2007

Milo spillage on flight

On the return flight back to PG last Thu night, there was a flight stewardess (Chinese,C) that accidentally poured a milo over the body of a japanese lady, who was sitting 3 rows in front of me. (Haha! exactly like the drama series uh?!). C kept saying "I am very sorry..I am so sorry....I am very sorry......" for not less than 30 times lah for the whole journey. She offered the towel, offered to bring down her luggage so that she could have a clothes change, offered almost everything she could think of lah but the Jap seemed like 'tak mau/payah' loh. I heard them kept on laughing.

Later her supervisor came, a Malay stewardess came to assist. This C frowned and muttered," Sei lah lit chi, sei lah!" while she walked to the back (we were at seat 22-25 thus very near to the rear toilet). After a long session of chicken and duck talk, she said to another male flight attendance," Tak....Dia tak ada luggage langsung kat sini, tak dapat tukarrrr."

They finally after about 15 minutes, able to convince her to walk to the toilet to clean despite the towel cleaning done at her seat. I could see her shirt and pants were stained all over.

Later on before landing, this supervisor came and asked the Jap lady with sign language (thumb raised up with 'bagus' sign) whether her clothes OK? her Mp3 ok? her everything OK? and told her she need to report on behalf of her if there 's anything wrong happened. A bit of chicken and duck talk still as the Jap lady and her friends sitting beside her did not seem to understand. Even the jap old guy sitting opposite also couldn't seem to understand. The supervisor did not give up, told her again and again," Can you switch on your mp3 and see if it works? I need to write report. Ya, ya, this one, ON it, ya, press ON....power ON....If not working, I need to raise a report so that you can claim." Ha! right at this juncture, the Jap old lady at the back of the seat came into scene, translated to them. The supervisor was so glad that there's finally somebody who could do the translation so she talked to this old lady what she needs to know whether her mp3 was working. AND.....what happened after kilikulu kilikulu, I could see from the expression of the supervisor,"So..NO? not working?!.....OK, I'll write the report."

The supervisor left to get something. The jap lady (who got spilled) and her friend, plus the old jap guy sitting opposite side (they were of one gang) laughed with kilikulu kilikulu.

The supervisor later came with paper and let both of the ladies signed. The Jap lady at the back asked "why ?" The supervisor told her," coz you are the one who helped us to translate."

Hehe....are you thinking what I think? :)

Friday, June 22, 2007

My KL story goes like this...

My flight was at 5.10p.m. but then it was announced 'cancelled' (not 'delayed', but 'cancelled' oh) due to the planes were not able to land thus they putar balik to KL. (Tau lah apa sebabnya kan? The storm rain + wind mia pasal loh).

Therefore, due to unforseen 'operational' reason (which was announced so), it ended up a lot of F*ck F*ck F*ck F*ck here and there, from different races. Hehe, especially those who got connecting flight at KL to Bangkok and KCH.

The pic showed the crowd flocking at the boarding gate awaiting to be 'allocated' with upcoming flights at 6 something pm. (It was at first told by them the earliest next available flight was 7.45pm which let every passenger frowned).

OK, after all the fuss, I finally checked in the Impiana-KLCC hotel, rated 4 stars wor. (RM599 nett for two nights).

It was about 9 something then I went out to cari makan myself. The hotel bellboy told me to go to KLCC using cut-short way - which was opposite the hotel, went through a car park, then walked past the mandarin oriental hotel and then entering the KLCC park. It was there that I witnessed a snatch theft happened on a couple, who were about 10 steps away from me. I didn't aware until the lady fell down, yelled out loud, and I saw the security guards ran past me, one from my side, another one from my back. Well, OK, I did not think they managed to catch them lah.

I stood there in the middle for quite 'some' time (I think 1 min) until my 'consciousness' was fully 'back' then I quickly walked to KLCC entrance. I just couldn't imagine with just another 20 steps or more away there were so many ppl there in front of the fountain and yet the snatch thieves dare to do so in the public.

I looked at the entrance there stated' close at' . Wahlau, I cincai chose one restaurant which is nearest to me lah. Guess where ?!

OK, that's my workshop.

The first night was spent yao chae hor looking at the city, thanks to Botak.

The 2nd night was spent having dinner with Lena.

For these two days, I walked a lot leh. Coz during the day, we got very limited time to get info
at Nepcon. I got to steal time loh to go during lunch and also after the workshop finished. Thanks to two very friendly malacca-co guys for being my sifu on where to locate the booths I aimed for.

Hmm! talking about this. I could still remember the LC guy (who is actually my ex-form6- schoolmate) that we met during A* wedding dinner ~two weeks ago. He was so LCLY when I asked him for something about this field. Compared to these two (malacc) guys who have had 10 & 12 yrs experience respectively in this field - it's like 'sky and earth', man! They were so friendly and willing to share and introduce you to the vendors they know. LC for what?!

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

No cinderella night

Last Sat was a girls-night-out. We 5x (LK, Len,Lil, CL and I) in one car going down to town to attend A* wedding dinner. We were late in departure due to Len was coming all the way from KL. I guess it has been at least > 6 yrs since we 5x this combination last got the chance to travel together inside a car for an outing.

After the dinner, we went to meet up WM at eGate and chatted till 12.

It's also for the 2nd time that we dropped by CL house in the midnight (over 12 a.m.)! Last time was LK and I. This time so happended the other 3x haven't been there b4 so before Lil dropping everyone off, we all went up again loh to CL house. Ha! I really did not know how will CL's hubby think of us, "how come my wife's friends like to come to our house during midnight one ah?"

It's a golden opportunity for us this combination to hang out over cinderella hours. Hardly available in years! Therefore eventhough we were tired, sleepy (at least two!) but excited heng chiok chiok to join also lah.

The result of hanging out till late for one nite was for the subsequent few days I could not go back to my usual bed time. Argh!! :(

Worth sharing...

For the past few days I was having difficulty in posting blogs therefore there's a long pause here.

Wanna share these with you ages ago. From fwd mail.

Wah...this one 'chim' ah! If follow too jip sim, end up apa pun takda. :)

Sarcastic but realistic!

Understand but boh chai tiao follow. :)

True also.

Ai....apa nak buat?

I believe in this. The promise made in joy is mostly overwhelmed tak jadi one. The reply made while you are sad will make you regret later. The decision made in anger is always painful!

This one is cruel but dead true. 2006 went halfway already loh. *sob sob*

Friday, June 01, 2007

Satisfied II

I found that some of you were pretty OK (meaning not skip reading it but asking me for more details instead) when I mentioned the stuffs redeemed the other day.

Handi Hanger (19,000pt) - yah...handy mah but shake lai shake khi leh.

Moulinex Vitae Juice Extractor (39000 pt) - the quality of coz good lah but use once in a while nia loh. :) No more apple juice with 'poek' by using blender (like last time). :)

Akemi goose feather pillow (4400pt bonuslink) - Good +syiok ah!

Cozzi 2 pcs padded cushion cover - got 'quality' mia type loh (2400 pt bonuslink). It became pong pong (padded mah) no lembik lembik sam phee kor one after you squeezed your pillow in.