Saturday, August 30, 2008

Happy Shop (part 4)

Week 4 :

Free items are:
1x handmade ramen
1x white cofee
1x 黑糖棒餅 Black Sugar Biscuits
1x anti-bacterial disinfectant hand gel
1x Gyno Tea (30 sachets) worths RM19.90

The above items are complimentary gifts for those who have collected enough 'chops' + ordered IP6 SOD enzyme (酵 素) . There are floor cleaner, car shampoo, fabric softener, 2x dish wash detergents and 2x备长炭.

It's just only one month and I've already started to have 'kedai runcit' feel. We have in fact started to give away some of them to uncles & aunties loh. :)

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Nattokinase (纳豆激酶)

I won a prize (through a health magazine) worths RM118. There are 12 packets of nattokinase by Lin Yuan (林園). Besides this, they also gave me 4x ganoderma foot spa coupons worth RM20 each. :) OK or not?! :)

I went to Bandar Perda to collect them and of coz shun pien go to SPC Jusco also loh. I went to take a quick look on what kind of restaurants (updated at Cariso Delicacies Corner). and outlets avaiable there nia lah.

I found my mor mor sweater!

I have finally found the 'mor mor' sweater after such a long search. Ever since my old black one was worn out in
Jan, I really coulnd't tahan the coldness in the office! This type of material really can tahan sejuk one and yet not heavy woh after putting it on. This time I picked pink colour since too many of them said that ME = portrayed 'woman-in-black' image (top got sweater black, pants also black). OK lah, I don't mind changing ah, but wearing pink looks like patient woh....

Passed by Time Square as of 25 Aug 08. Jusco SPC (Seberang Prai City) sudah buka oh!! This Time Square sempat tak leh?!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Happy Shop (part 3)

Week 3 F.O.C items.
The free gifts for non-buyers have started to 'suk sui' a bit already.

Distributed by each day :
1x cooking oil+ 1x dish detergent,
1x omega eggs + 1x brown sugar,
1x Gardenia bread,
1x toilet paper + 1x tissue packets,
1x cooking oil

Items in 'red box' are additional free gifts if you buy their IP6 SOD enzyme (酵 素) last week. The coffee pack was given free if you buy the 'yellow box' product.

For the weekends, F.O.C items are: 1x car shampoo (worths ~RM20), 2x himalaya rock salt (worths ~RM7.50).

This week they are giving promotion for the IP6 SOD enzyme . Buy 3x get 1x free.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Drama Queens we Are

Gang threw me a question why I got 'time' to blog, online-buying clothes & etc.

Ya lah, when you have no luxurious time to go ronda outside but stay only at home; got astro but no 'chance' to watch; then the only entertainment mah sii this loh. :)

I became a drama queen, thanks to the 'sharing' policy we established among the breakfast gang.

律政新人王II (20集) – watch 马国明. This is by far the only one they agreed is 'hansem' one among all the temporary idols I told them.

爸爸閉翳(25集) – cried a lot. Don’t lend me this type of drama next time lah pls.
師奶兵團 (21集) – I like the 師奶series. but the story at the last few episodes like beh hub eh hu ending one, sian hor?!

舞動全城(20集) – watch 廖碧兒. I still remember the most beh tong part was the pre-break up dancing part at a garden(?!) by 徐子珊&高鈞賢.

野蠻奶奶大戰戈師奶(20集) - OK. like watching HK version of 'The Devils Wear Prada' nia. Anyway, 'jump jump jump' till no mood to watch.

歲月風雲 (60集) – they 3 brothers cannot die one woh. Toe liao the next minute stand up again.

鐵嘴銀牙 (20集) – No more such drama next time. Lao ia leh.

和味濃情(20集) – I wanna vomit looking at 陶大宇.

原來愛上賊 (20集) – I like watching 李思捷 who starred as 譚彬BT (Ben Tham), 電腦專家. They teased at my 'taste' again. :) Hey, come on, I look inside one, not outside one lah.

法政先锋1 (25集) - Due to wanna watch part 2 , so I did my homework by watching this first. Good leh.

法政先锋2 (30集) - watching through youtube, can’t wait mah.

Haken no hinkaku (ハケンの品格) 10 ep -派遣女王 , through youtube. Intro by Meow.

銀樓金粉 (21集) – cast got 伍衛國,hehe, OK to watch loh. Tease lah, nvm one lah. 'Uncle' level one got nan2 ren2 wei4 leh! :)

命中注定我愛你- watching through youtube. Watch because curious lah why it’s super red in Taiwan.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Happy Shop (part 2)

Week 2 - Organic green tea (RM19.90), dish detergent (RM22), cooking oil (~RM10), Omega egg (~RM8), Barley drink + Iko biscuit (~RM9), freshener spray (~RM8).

Week 2 - they started to show true colour already..... IP6 SOD enzyme (酵 素)

The actual look of 备长炭

Guess lah how much?! :)

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Bid IV

【YOCO】典雅浪漫玫瑰花襟刺繡上衣 (共二色) NT570

【YOCO】壓紋雪紡公主袖蕾絲上衣(共三色) NT419

【Pumpkin Cart】高雅氣質‧假兩件雪紡拼接棉衫 NT312

【Pumpkin Cart】柔美甜心~混色荷葉胸花針織上衣 NT343

【Pumpkin Cart】荷葉領附胸花針織上衣(共兩色) NT364

【Reiko Ladies】亮片鑲領假兩件雪紡T (共四色) NT299

【Reiko Ladies】花蕾假兩件雪紡上衣(共四色) NT350

【Reiko Ladies】勻稱美腿中直筒卡其褲 (共三色) NT499

【YUMI】輕盈美腿.訂製款寬管休閒褲 (共二色) NT499

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Happy Shop

This Happy Shop (by Fortune Star Group ) has come to our area. By giving RM1 per day (per entry), you are entitled for different items F.O.C. after listening to their lively health talk and information sharing for ~1 hour in a relaxing atmosphere.

Nah, these are what you gonna get after attending for 1 wk - by 1 person alone.
My parents go together oh. :)

Tissue worths RM4.30 + basket RM?, neptune oil worths RM2.25 x 3 , floor cleaner worths RM22.00, white coffee worths RM8.90, dishwashing detergent ~RM10, 5x noodles worths RM6.50, 4x bee hoon worths ~RM10, 1x RELIEF 木酢贴 (not in the pic).

No wonder now everyday it's fullhouse! In the morning 8.00a.m. session alone it attracted easily 200 -250 persons.

They will station here for 4 months only.

Friday, August 08, 2008

Half day birdday trip

August got lotsa kaki birdday lah.

They missed the last round of half day trip which I organized. That was actually a few years ago odi.

This round we 6x took half day leave to join. I planned a one-page itinerary from afternoon till night for them.

Nah, this was the car accident that delayed us from reaching our first destination .

H asked me to go to the toilet to snap this photo. She said," creative hor?! 廢物利用 hor?! " I agreed.

At 2p.m. we visited a clothes distributor shop at Wisma Central but ended like like what I predicted, we stepped out from there after 15 mins. :) We went to Prangin instead and it seemed like most of us had got ourselves at least 1x reward.

How? Chio boh?! *wink*

At 4p.m. we went to Jetty for Ai Yu Bing.

Then they all proceeded to Karaoke whereas I drove back home for Ling's dinner.

Monday, August 04, 2008

Floggers gathering

Hey, I attended a floggers gathering last week.

Shoot a photo at HaiNan.

Wah... many thanks to Lam for this gift. Imagine this, me posing like Carrie Bradshaw holding her Manolo Blahnik shoes(!). *Imagine that scene k?! *