Monday, October 24, 2005


Everytime when I was there at Aver I picked up some interesting articles. Remember the zsa zsa zsu ?

This time I wanna share with you some Italian words that I learnt from one of the magazines while I was there over the weekend.

Si – Yes (是)
No – No (不)
Ciao – Hi (你好)
Grazie – Thank you (谢谢)
Permesso – Sorry (对不起)
Arrivederei – Bye (再见)
Ti Amo – I love you (我爱你)
Sei Bello – You are very handsome (for male) (你很漂亮 (男士))
Sei Bella – You are very beautiful (for female) (你很漂亮 (女士))
Quanto costa? - How much? (多少钱)

Friday, October 21, 2005

Yoon Ah

Looking back the photos that I saved, I still love this one the most.

Sunday, October 16, 2005

Recipes and Traveller

I have helped Wdy to lelong off her used VCD/CD player last week. It's been with me for nearly two months or so and I was relieved when it was finally out. Phew! This week comes another item – a used Canon 35mm camera (not by her).

Buying is easy. Lelong is not.
Earning is hard. Spending is no sweat.

I have a habit of collecting certain articles of Next Magazine (壹周刊), East Week (东周刊) 等等 before I ‘trashed’ them (to be more exact - donated them to charity orgz). I filed them up, but now it ended up occupying too many files. Hence I think I will have to look for alternative ways.

The topics which I collect are mainly:

Cooking Recipes (厨乐无穷, 汤水, 双如谈食, 大厨教煮) - mainly Cantonese or HK dishes (since the magazines are published in HK). There are also taiwanese, western and other food including desserts.

Food Articles - from the titles alone you can guess how interesting the contents would be. (流行食讯, 开边饭, 温食男女, Food Court 大食堂, 蔡澜-未能食素, 新食力 plus 饮食资讯, 食为Scene, 时令美食, 食识性也, 食物王, 粤食粤开心, 新味阁New Taste, 打牙祭, 刁嘴四方) – hopefully one day I will be able to turn some of those images inside the the articles into real dishes (ha!).

Traveller (天地任我行, 大游行,千里千寻, 旅行舍 Travel Around, 周休二日, 背包客, 番禺仁我行) – get to know a lot of countries or cities related to their lifestyles, cultures, food & etc. Kinda interesting and informative one.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Paper Bags

The renov. has finally OVER on Thursday. We started to clean up since then.

I threw away or 'donated' some things to colleagues as well. One of them was the collection of these paper bags.

At first .....

Then .....
More closely ......And .....