Tuesday, January 31, 2006

粤翠轩 (Yue Cui Xuan) or 翡翠阁 (Fei Cui Ge) ?!

These were the wet wipes I kept since Jan 20th. The packaging was so damn nice leh, 我不舍得用啦! :) It got lucky numbers at the back also oh.

There was a lunch treat by vendor at Jade Blossom (粤翠轩), Krystal Point. They ordered the CNY set of 8 courses one oh. If it was a 收工宴 or our own funtions then of course the pictures of those dishes would have already been posted here long long time ago. :) However, it was not leh and I really could not be that thick skinned sitting in front of them taking the photos whenever the course was being served. I believe if I were to do so, they would definitely thought that I am either iao lur , 吃痴 or siao one! Anyhow, the courses were nice indeed.Yummylicous~~~~~~~~!

There was a little joke on the name of the restaurant before we went there. Actually this was not our 1st time there. We have in fact been treated several times previously at this restaurant too. The name of the restaurant is 粤翠轩 (Yue Cui Xuan), but then don't know why, could it be the name was too difficult to pronounce, or some people did not even know how to pronounce either the 1st or the 3rd word or both that....

somebody asked me," At 翡翠阁 (Fei Cui Ge) hor? The one at Krystal Point?!" "Who said 翡翠阁 (Fei Cui Ge)?! Got new restaurant opened there after 粤翠轩 (Yue Cui Xuan) meh?! "
"Neh, just now I mentioned and one of them said that restaurant's name that we went last time is 翡翠阁 (Fei Cui Ge)?!"
"Har? Kum tou tak ah? How can 粤翠轩 (Yue Cui Xuan) become 翡翠阁 (Fei Cui Ge) one?"

Haha! The only similiarity is the middle word. See?! Luckily there is only one chinese restaurant there, if there got another one so coincidentally called 翡翠阁 (Fei Cui Ge) which is more 'user-friendly' to remember or pronounce then you mah drive your customers to nextdoor loh?! Why not this restaurant put han yu pin yin (汉语拼音) wordings at the bottom or somewhere near the big jiao pai huh?!

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

My free traveller dictionary

Hmm...I decided to let my 'traveller' stays in one big ring file alone for ease of reading instead of binding them up in separate copies. Ya, it is the collection I mentioned before here.

Whole piles of them
Yes, I used to put the self-adhesive transparent reinforcement rings on every page before filing them up in ring files. I know the capacity of this new ring file is definitely not enough but ai...no choice lah.

Silk Road! Silk road .....wahahaha!

The directory also got to be updated leh but a lot woh! Later lah..... :)

Sunday, January 22, 2006

Vmag gifts!

Ha! Won again! This time it is this V MAG -August /- Loreal Professional Absolut Repair worth of RM209.00. Hmm...I can still recall this issue was actually free one *wink*

I have won the items below so far from participating those promo contests in V MAG.

2003- Bobbi Brown.

The first (and huge too) gift that I won from V Mag was the Bobbi Brown Promotion 1st Prize hamper for worth of RM1500. This item was sent < 2 months after participation therefore I could remember well that this contest required a chinese slogan one!

That time I was not given any notice letters prior to their delivery therefore I received it in BIG surprise! I could still remember when I came down after bathing and saw the hamper in the living room, I asked " Wah, whose one?! For us one ah?!" "Yours one". "Who send one?! When send here one?" "Neh, JUST only, nah that lorry still outside."

From Bobbi Brown onwards, the gifts below kai chuk loi :) :

Loreal Invincible product RM80.00
LOTR coin box, very ‘milo-tin’ but ‘priceless’.
Parkson Voucher RM50.00
Fudge Dynamite RM49.00
Loreal Curl Mist & Liss Extreme Shine Perfecting Serum RM100.00

Also from other free magazines and newspapers :
Guerlain gift set RM150.00
Clearasil 3-in-1 set RM20.00
I-Green Resurge 3-in-1 set RM60.00

The V MAG notice/letter was always sent many months later after the participation date. Therefore for most of them I couldn't recall what slogans I have written, if there was any such requirements. What I know is I participated mostly chinese version one nia lah.

Sunday, January 15, 2006

Penang Hill Hike

I joined for a hike up to Penang Hill on Saturday morning. The only thing staying fresh in my memory now is that killing tar road hike from No.84 to No.168.

"Argh! Don't mention that please!" :)

Go here for the exclusive penang-hill-hike's blog.

Saturday, January 07, 2006

Paintball Sport

I joined my previous mountainbiking group for this paintball game this evening. Why I said 'previous'? because I have already 'taken leave' for 1 year (Oops!).

Er...this is my first try on paintball sport. For me, I'll rather put it as paintball game than the actual name 'paintball sport' lah, ha! :)

It's SYIOK ! but aiyoyoh...when kena the paintballs betul-betul ah, painful + bruises loh.

Go here for the photos lah!

(update: bruise diameter has grown up to as big as 3 1/2", yak!).

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Magic Tree

magic tree
Aiyah! Very sorry lah I missed out the '0 hour' leh.

OK, it is actually a dry plain 'cardboard' (trunk) with the purple/pink-coloured tips at the 'branches'. You fix the trunk in the X-cross position so that it stands still there. Then you pour the special liquid into the plastic container. The trunk will absorb the liquid and the branches will then blossom.

I first came across such type of magic tree back in year ~1998/99. I was at IMR (Institute of Medical Research), KL that time doing my industrial training. One of our labs' pakcik sold them and I bought a few pax from him. I bought the big garden style, single tree style and etc. He was rather secretive when I asked him from where he got such kind of funny stuffs. I just got to know "from Taiwan". I tried to hunt for these thingy after all those which I 'planted' finish withering. But....chuey boh leh!

Oh ya, if you do not protect them well enough from being accidentally shaken or touched by people, the 'flowers' will drop easily like snow.

I've never seen the similiar thing again until the last Xmas season when I was at Gurney Plz. I bought them immediately when I saw them - for Heng's Xmas makan festival.

Heng brought this to office today finally so that I can show her the 'how-to'. Don't worry, she still has another two at house to try on her own, hiak hiak!

Many of my colleagues have never seen such thingy before. The tree was placed at my hanging cabinet during 'monitoring' period and thus the cabinet was being opened many times by people including myself to check on the 'blossoming status'. Ha!