Friday, October 01, 2010

I found the map to 拜月老!

This temple is located at BM.
I will give direction from St Ann. It's all the way straight ! Don't turn left or right at any junctions.
From St Ann, drive straight and pass a traffic light then you will see BP petrol station on your left.
Continue driving straight, you will drive past traffic light (which is on your right, going to Alor Setar , Ipoh one,
Continue driving straight, you will drive past Kg Janggus (on your left) and Tmn Machang Bubuk (on your right).
Continue driving straight, pass another traffif light, and you can see Pasaraya Wonderful (美好超市)is on your right.
Continue driving straight, pass two traffic lights (Kampung Machang Bubuk, on your right ..).
Continue driving straight, when you reach a traffic light with a signboard saying "3.5km to 积福山庄" (left), then you are ABOUT TO REACH.
Continue driving straight, slow down, the temple (海东马)is just after the curve, on your left.

Things to bring: 
Red benang (1 meter long).
Flower 3pcs (different colour each), come with stalks (batang) one. (Don't want white, don't want thorn (duri) one)
Orange 5 pcs.