Monday, August 22, 2005

Yi Shu Poison

Here is the list of my collection on Yi Shu.
You can say that I have been 'poisoned'. Again, not addicted oh, but 'poisoned' by her. :) (Those who reads Yi Shu novels will know what I mean uh!)

For me, buying Yi Shu is no-sweat ! I will grab any new arrivals on shelf which are of long series (not short series har). There is no need to read prior to paying. Of course, this generosity only applies on Yi Shu long series. :)

185 错先生
188 女神
192 黑羊
193 老房子
194 不羁的风
195 故园
197 寻找失猫
198 寂寞的心俱乐部
199 紧些,再紧些
200 如果墙会说话
201 这双手虽然小
202 天上所有的星
203 要多美丽就多美丽
204 幽灵吉普赛
205 我答应你
206 印度墨
207 蝉
208 艳阳天
209 一个女人两张床
210 只有眼睛最真
212 明年给你送花来
213 一点旧一点新
214 她成功了我没有
215 悄悄的一线光
216 吃南瓜的人
217 花常好月常圆人长久
218 小紫荆
219 同门
220 我确是假装
221 这样的爱拖一天是错一天
222 嘘
223 她的二三事
224 月是故乡明
225 早上七八点钟的太阳
226 邻居太太的情人
227 如果你是安琪
228 紫色平原
229 我情愿跳舞
231 电光幻影
232 蓉岛之春
233 爱可以下载吗
234 雪肌
235 特首小姐你早
236 葡萄成熟的时候
239 乒乓
240 恨煞
241 孪生

(blue - from rental house)

Mentioning on books - Ya! I have always wanted to share good books with friends. I do not mind lending but I do MIND if you borrow them and put them aside, never wanted to read them after months of keeping them. It will even more pissed off if they became M.I.A after some time.

Saturday, August 20, 2005

zsa zsa zsu

I came across this "zsa zsa zsu" thingy in Bella magazine while having scalp treatment this afternoon. I think this is the article mentioned by YY the other day so I quickly jotted it down to share with any of you who may not know the actual meaning of it.

Carrie quoted this in "Sex & The City" series.

"Some people are settling down, some people are settling and some people refuse to settle for anything less than zsa zsa zsu."

1st zsa means "when the stars touch the water"
2nd zsa means "the sound of candle flicker"
zsu means "and so do you"

In mandarin it can be translated as:

So now have you got it?!

Friday, August 19, 2005

Aviation - Learn To Fly

Back to 2003, this was one of my dreams.
That time I have just released myself from the NIIT course for about half a year.
This is the catalogue file (inside got the medical check up form, membership application form & etc) I got from Tanjung Flying Club, a place where I everyday drove by after finishing work. I would always slow down my speed in order to take a glimpse on that plane.

The captain even offered to let me have a 'feel' of it sitting inside the plane during their practical lessons. Hehe.... cool uh! Anyway I did not get to 'feel' it eventually due to 'pai sey' for I knew well that I couldn't commit on enrollment 'that' time looking at 'that' price. It was ~RM16k. Oops!

The total fees include the following :

1) training fees
~admin fee
~joining fee
~practical : 12-hrs solo and 33-hrs dual

2) licensing and examination fees
~radio telephony license
~private pilot license (type technical)
~license grant
~flight test

And...'that' perhaps one of the reasons 'flying' remains as one of my dreams still:)

End of 2004 - after watching the HK "Triumph In the Skies" drama series lent by Gee, the 'dream' was awaken and this time it was even crazier - extended to "Flying to Italy" trip....