Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Shu Qi 2

Lately everything seemed to be not right.

I thought my wallet was lost last Sat. I only realized when I wanna pay the cashier. "Oh shit! My wallet was lost! Do you accept card?" "Er.....your amount not enough leh, cannot wor." #%$^&*!~ After much effort spent on calling back home (for zillion of times with frustration) - *the phone was not properly placed thus I couldn't get hold of anyone* -> asked the colleague's xx to walk to my house to ask them to call me etc etc etc -> yeah, finally I confirmed that it was left at home. The ramen was right in front of me, but my appetite has dropped more than half already.. :(

I felt like boycotting this H*** bank already coz it moved to qbay lah! It will be more inconvenient for us loh. Yesterday I took half day leave planning to replace my M**bank ATM card, and also going to R** bank apply for a ATM card and also open up another current acc there. At the end I spent a total of 3 1/2 hrs. After I've waited for so long near to finishing everything, this pathetic office said,"OK, in order to link your card to this acc, you need to queue again by taking the number" (Oh yeah, couldn't you tell me earlier so that I do not have to waste another round of waiting!) OK, I waited....finally it's my turn. "You need to go down to this branch wor coz we couldn't activate for you here blah blah blah......". It was 11.50a.m. oi! I sped down to Jelutong branch to link my acc. Phew~! not having lunch yet you know. Frankly speaking, not only this time, I have in fact visited a few times already and I got to admit taht this branch's service was really not as good as Jelutong branch loh.

This was not bad enough. My tyre was punctured again(!) when I was halfway to office. Again, it's the motorcyclist that told me then only I aware. Boh huat tor, I got to drive slowly to the office. It was my 3rd time already oi tyre punctured in one year time. Twice battery flat - forgot to turn off the light.

At night, looking at the mor-mor (furry) sweater (that I used to wear at office) became so 慘不忍睹 oi, the tuala fur all sticking to my sweater aiyoyoh....beh tahan liao, not the first time already, but this time very teruk loh. I suddenly aware that "ei, where's my denim jacket uh?!" I couldn't find it in my wardrobe. Holy shit! I must have left it during one of the trips, either taiwan or bangkok lah! Hmm........

So, again, like the Jurlique case, on profit sharing day-eve, I grabbed this. I have waited long enough by wearing this 街邊貨 watch for more than 1 and 1/2 yrs. I have been keeping my eye on this one, not the brand, but any with soft black strap type and small glass face. I only managed to get the 20% disc one nia lah as I got no time to search for that shop giving 25% one after changing my mind from ck back to bonia again. I got only 1 hr time off. I couldn't resist liao after wearing it and found that the leather strap was so damn soft compared to others. It's almost near to shop closing time when I bought it.

OK, why this post was titled as Shu Qi2.

See the list.
1) watches (1 black leather strap, 1 s/s link strap).

2) wallet

3) sweater / jacket for office.


Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Shu Qi's spending

I still remember there's one post regarding Shu Qi about the way she spent. it's roughly like that..

The interviewer asked," I heard that when you go shopping , you can swipe 爆 card in very short time." Then the way she answered was" Well, actually I don't like / have much time to go around shopping and I don't go to particularly shop for something. While shopping, once I saw one thing, I will buy just like, don't have to take long time to decide." "Hoh, so that's how you can end up swipe 爆 card in one to two hours uh?" "Haha ya!"

Now....I am afraid that I have started to understand how this kind of scenario could happen. :) Of course I've never swipe 爆 card before and I won't spend until that extent too. The thing I would like to address here is - some people may shop for many little things using many many hours or days and yet the amount is small whereas some people may shop for a few things but BIG in spending! I guess I will gradually become the latter group. The most recent one which I could quote as an example is the Jurlique case.

I got no 'luxurious' time to go shopping.
I got no 'luxurious' time to go for movie. Based on the last 6 months record, I guess the frequency was once per 3-4 months. The most recent one was back in Oct 07.

BUT......there were a lot of movies I wanna watch. I FFK all.
There were a lot of stuffs that I wish to buy if I were given 'free & easy' time to shop slowly. I FFK all too.

*Deep thought.....*

CNY is getting near, an excuse to throw throw throw again! :) As the 'monkeys' are getting more naughtier and uncontrollable, we have almost emptied our living room. Another 'nightmare' struck and made me deciding in no time to dump all the NIIT books straightaway! (to find room for keeping the books in living room)

I have created a 'dumpsite' at house for whatever stuffs that can be collected by the paper recycling vendor since ~6 mths ago. The main source of this dumpsite was the 宣传单that were distributed to us everyday, into our mailbox! We used to throw away but then later on with the increasing amount of brochures that we received everyday, I realized that I mustn't do so(!) coz if one house unit is throwing away that much, the whole taman will be great damn lot! While the world is stressing on reducing paper usage, argh! we here are encouraging this pula! Gosh!

I have thrown another round of stuffs in these few days. I have brought/donated my stuffs to the 'opis kolig'. I have to keep as minimum stuff as possible at house due to the monkeys. Judging from now the throwing rate > buying rate, hehe, it's a good sign! :) I am pretty sure you can't imagine how I hurray(!) jumping high when seeing one pair of sandals cracking into two (at the base) the other night! *Haha, got solid reason to buy later mah!*

Sunday, January 06, 2008


A lot of my stocks have reached the bottom ('reorder level') since Oct.. I waited from then till now (after going to KL etc), until the very last minute 30th Dec then only I went to Qbay for ~30minutes to get it done quickly (coz I expected bonus masuk liao mah. :))

Hohoho!!! You should know well that this was a BIG hole k. I consoled myself by expecting that most of the 'essence' items below could last for ~6 mths .

There were these small size items that attached as complementary set. I would like to let go at discounted price. Anyone interested?

The other day at the beauty and health expo at PISA - I managed to grab a Nardia voucher RM49.90 that can redeem for 1 set of 3-in-1 minikit and a RM88 facial.

From the Nardia visit, managed to be pursuaded for another 1st trial RM100 voucher that could be used for buying nardia product worths RM100 and at the same you are entitled for 1x RM138 facial. (although I've got that before at another branch)

The Jurlique, due to the items I bought, I got 50% off for 1x facial.

Now, you see?! on hand I got 3 different center's facial debts awaiting clearance aka MH*, N* and J*.

Alor Setar Wedding Dinner Trip

Yesterday we 7x carpooled to Alor Setar to attend Mr.Keat's wedding dinner @ Sentosa Regency Hotel.

Overall the dishes were pretty OK. I liked the top two dishes shown in above pic most....ahem! :)

Overnight at Snug Motel (a terrace house modified to accomodate 5x rooms), arranged by Mr.Keat. The unit was new and cozy. *Thanks to Keat!*

We started our UNO + supper session after bathing.

Saturday, January 05, 2008

New vs Old water container

New one - Stainless steal, RM190 leh, not cheap oh. For the health/safety purpose, cannot save lah. :)

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

NY resolution

This was the fireworks that I could see from my house when the clock struck 12.01 for 2008.

Last year NY resolution - FAILED...............almost semua! So hmm..... this year must I make somemore new year resolution boh leh?

Last year....

The house renov was completed and OK.

The cooking thing - yeah, alright....I know.....I won't beat you if you call me 'lame'.

The BGR - failed, call me 'lame', I don't mind. :)

The 'fnes' - failed to commit. Alright, I am completely 'lame'. :)

The out-of-expectation thing was - I resumed my travelling diligently after stopping for 2 f* long yrs.

This year - I think I wanna make only NY resolution quarter by quarter lah. Haha!

No more organizing for anything. Whatever I wanna try, I wanna go, I will go by myself or just a few of us, on ad hoc basis. *Yes, I am 'lame' I know...*

Whatever 'kang tao' comes to me, I'll GRAB it! Don't laugh, I know this is another pretty 'lame' thing for you to believe. Yes, as an Eng tutor to an Arabian. *You should know well that it got to be a 'GOOD PRICE' in order to make me chong2 chu1 jiang1 hu2. If not, choy lei tou sor! :) you thought I am so f* free ah. :) Well, if it can last for 3 mths, I'll treat you ppl for keng chao one. :) If no, pls keep quiet, malu! :)

The rest ----- don't ask me, no eye see. Walk one step, see one step.