Wednesday, December 31, 2008

De Belle

The De Belle Collection @ Lot E17 & E18, GF, Megamall.

I like its ala-taiwan fashion. Mostly very elegant one loh.

The girl there said after accumulaing certain amount odi then can get member discount etc. Upon returning home, I checked back the receipt and found out that the last time I bought its clothes was back in Oct 2006. Adui, two years only buy once! I, this kind of customer, tak payah mau lah. :) Ai....who asks their shop location is across the bridge woh? Somemore no telephone number and no website to show. It gonna be a waste of time, money and energy to just go and look for new arrivals.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Kedai Runcit

These are the free items that we got from the Happy Shop. Macam kedai runcit leh....

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


24th Dec gonna be my last day for this whole makan marathon. I got to stop and rest for 2 days before continue eating again. Excuse me.....

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Yinhoo I

I said OK to their order on Yinhoo catalogue as this time I also eyed on one item. This was the first time we bought in bulk. Cheap + OK. Material is moderate thick, enough to shelter from aircond freezing air. Mai hiam bey pai. :) RM27.90 each for this one.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Bids V received

Our bids arrived on 15th Dec 08. Solid medium box. Great packaging, Meow!

Look here to compare. Satisfactory level 9/10.

【小美日系】優雅女伶‧腰綁帶連身氣質洋裝 NT899 - simply love it! A risky buy but luckily ngam. *What a cold sweat!*

Reiko Ladies】前後U領綁帶雪紡上衣 (共四色) NT430 - Wah...the colour is so damn chio....sei for! :) The free attached necklace got two missing strings. *alamak*

【小美日系】小立領荷葉邊蕾絲擺緞面衫 NT520 - Elegant piece. Ling Zhi Ling style mah. Ha!

【小美日系】優雅雙口袋針織鉤洞罩衫 (共二色) NT499 - Super satisfactory!

【小美日系】千金最愛.混色毛呢附花朵綁帶外套 NT880 - a bit larger than expected. I like the cuffs there which are tightened one, not flare type. A real thick one. Oh no..

【Reiko Ladies】蕾絲鑲飾鑽釦美蝶上衣 (共三色) NT520 - elegant piece also loh. Actual one looks much flare than expected.

【Dream女郎】浪漫主義花紋雙層連身洋 (共三色) NT590 - Material is much rougher than expected.

【Rainbow】仿牛皮百搭款小手提包 (共二色) NT290 - Super satisfactory!

【Rainbow】仿牛皮小古著手提斜背包 (共二色) NT290 - Super satisfactory! A real solid piece. So cool!

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Ended for Happy Shop

Last Sunday was the last day for Happy Shop's operation.
They are moving to Farlim, beside padang, near KFC now.
A lot of residents here are sad and are like missing something in their routine. The everyday session is like a tuition class for them. Must not miss one, be it raining or storming. After spending 4 months sure got kam cheng lah.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Bids V

【Reiko Ladies】前後U領綁帶雪紡上衣 (共四色) NT430

【Reiko Ladies】蕾絲鑲飾鑽釦美蝶上衣 (共三色) NT520

【小美日系】小立領荷葉邊蕾絲擺緞面衫 NT520

【小美日系】優雅雙口袋針織鉤洞罩衫 (共二色) NT499

【小美日系】優雅女伶‧腰綁帶連身氣質洋裝 NT899

【小美日系】千金最愛.混色毛呢附花朵綁帶外套 NT880

【Dream女郎】浪漫主義花紋雙層連身洋 (共三色) NT590

【Rainbow】仿牛皮小古著手提斜背包 (共二色) NT290

【Rainbow】仿牛皮百搭款小手提包 (共二色) NT290

Done on 25th Nov.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

There are S-I-G-N-S....

There are SIGNS showing that I am not in proper "OK" condition.

1) I went for the cai lan's talk on the wrong Monday, one week ahead. I only realized when reaching the hotel lobby, after confirming with one of the executives there.
2) I mistook a tube of handcream as masque and lathered the whole face with handcream.
3) I pasted the road tax sticker on the wrong car. The old one has been discarded. Now this is real shit(!).

This month alone so many oo-long things happened.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

15th Penang Internatinal Open Dance Sport Championship vs Health & Beauty Fair

I always support PISA events except those related to PC.

15th Penang Internatinal Open Dance Sport Championship

Again, I wanna tell a bit of the side topics....
1) Gosh, waited for 1 hour! Ticket stated 6.30p.m. but the dance competition started at 7.30p.m (I believe pressure was given to the organizer loh). The MC announced that a lot of ppl were late, caught up at Penang bridge 'jam. Poor them, poor us!
2) After two of the junior dance competition then only reverted to opening speech, 4x of them! Only the first one gave a very short speech, the rest....damn long one. We couldn't hear clearly on what they delivered (due to the culprit- sound system) and neither did we have the patience to listen too. We wanted to see the Latin dance lah!
3) Later on there was an introduction parade for all the countries' participants including our own one, Malaysia. The introduction of judges followed by then.
4) When all this completed, it was almost 8.45p.m. if not mistaken. Luckily we bought a lot of food from the stalls outside the entrance. We didn't seem to stop munching.
5)Latin dance: Cha-Cha, Samba, Rumba, Jive, Passo Doble.
Latin dance is the one that most of the ppl keen in watching. Whenever the Latin dance competition began, most of the ppl would lean forward.
6) Ballroom dance : Waltz, Viennese waltz, Tango, Foxtrot, Quickstep.
Ballroom dance became a bit 'dull' when you have seen so many of them, especially when your eye lids were getting heavier and heavier when near to midnight.
7) There was a Belly dance performance arranged to slot in the middle of the event.
8) The event finished at 12.30a.m.(!)

Hopefully next year the event can kick off punctually and more people will attend to see the competition!

Health + Beauty Fair

I thought the beauty expo has been cancelled. Luckily there's still THIS coming up.

I was a bit disappointed as the participating stalls were not that many, only occupying 'half of the circle'. How I wish that the whole circle of the arena could be occupied, like during the Matta Fair or Food Fair. If this is not organized in conjuction with the 2008 Penang International Line Dance Carnival, I think you won't expect such a crowd then.

Anyway, this time I got myself a trial pack on Me-O cosmeceutical.

Free Voucher for Cariso Delicacies Corner's readers

To all my dear friends, here's a special discount voucher present to all of you @ Cariso Delicacies Corner by Cartridge World! (You may view the post here for details!)


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

蔡瀾 & 倪匡

The talk started at 8p.m. I reached there at 7p.m. got to sit row # 4 odi as the first two rows were 'reserved' seats.

Queued up for an autograh session. My first time.

Cai Lan is talking to Ni Kuang saying an old friend of him has come and introduced to him after then.

Cai Lan was signing my book! See?!

My personal shot - go GGnite there, as usual! :)

Monday, November 17, 2008

Happy Shop (part 14)

This is the prize won by guessing the wanton mee price at Steven Goh's site.

Another two weeks and this Happy Shop will come to an end. It will be very sad for most of the residents here as this place has served to be a gathering location for all of them, daily (!) for some.

Saturday, November 15, 2008

SMTA Vendor Day & Technical Conference

Penang Chapter Vendor Day in conjuction with free technical sessions by SMTA (Surface Mount Technology Association) was held at Suntech @ Penang Cybercity on 14th Nov 08.

I don't wanna talk about what sort of booths available there and what sort of technical presentations I attended ok. Some of them were too technical until my head was really tepu.

I just wanna share with you on some other tiny little aspects that I observed.

1) This was the first time I met 李家全 in person. He gave the speech and opened the ceremony. He is an intellectual type of person. I was kinda impressed. Penang really shouldn't let go such a 人材 lah.

2) The Suntech 10th floor ladies restroom there got sauna room and shower room oi!!! Gosh! jealous sii wa! :) The door of each toilet unit is 噴沙玻璃 one oh! It's very spacious inside there.

3) Inside the elevator there got screen for advertisement one leh!

3) Car park per entry is RM3 (or is it for that day only?!). I only knew about it after I parked mine at SunshineSq car park. Later only I realized that you got to chop your parking ticket at cashier counter in order to enjoy your 2 hours free parking.

4) It's indeed very convenient to hold exhibition at Suntech. Even if the organizers don't offer meals, the attendees won't have to spend much in order to fill up their stomachs. They just need to walk across the road to the opposite market or kopitiams nearby. For my case, I didn't have my breakfast yet when I went for registration. I just walked to the opposite market to have a quick breakfast before going back to attend the talks.

Friday, November 14, 2008

Another damage!

I missed my pair of Adidas sport polarized sunglass very much! That was the pair that I started wearing during my mountainbiking golden days. Why I like that pair of sport sunglass leh?! coz ...

1) The nose piece is made of rubber and it stands high on my nose, thus it won't touch my cheek even when I am not smiling. Rubber-made nose piece is very comfy to wear.
2) The nose piece and the skeleton can be adjusted, furthermore they can be dismantled. Kena pijak also never mind, just fix it back will do. I have accidentally sat on it a few times at car seat, "preeeeeaaak" the sound..Oh no...I thought it must have broken odi but it ended up?! Fixed back, no problem at all!
3) 2-in-1 use. can be used for both mountainbiking and casual.
4) polarized glass - better vision.
5) Long least for years until it was 'stolen'!

Since then I bought a temporary non-sporty sunglass to wear.

I have tried searching for that same pair of Adidas sunglass at many shops but then in vain. :( Finally I went back to the same old shop, Chan Visual Care @ BJ to look for other brands.

This is my choice. The main reason I go for this is reason (1) above.
White?! no choice leh, only got this colour left. No black anymore.

Saturday, November 08, 2008

Gate fixed!

Now finally the gate is fixed.....the condition now is super satisfactory! Silent moving, smooth like silk!

The service guy is from BM. He offered very good service, very lao sit!
1x motor (RM180) + 2x bearing (RM30 each).

Free clothes from cousin! Hiak hiak hiak!

I got my road tax cash rebate of RM625 loh!

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Happy Shop (part 13)

Now I have learnt how come those 'followers' will chase from one location to another whenever Fortune Star moves. They are aiming for one reason, going after the 'sample' price.
The blueberry gold came as complimentary gift for Squalene.

Saturday, November 01, 2008

My Astro refund has finally arrived!

After 3 bloody months it has finally reached my hand. In btw that, there were a few calls I need to make for following up. Each time taking up you least 10 min talk.
Now, case closed. What a great relief not to deal with such headache stuff anymore!!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Wah...cariso 沾到她的光!

Tantalising Thai by New Kid on the Blog, featured at Star Metro Sunday 26th Oct 08.

Go here to read the post. See got my nick 'cariso' mentioned inside there mah.....Hahahaha! :P

Happy Shop (part 12)

Happy Shop is entering end of 3rd month loh.... Now they have come to a stage promoting their KING product, Squalene!!! This is by far the most popular product out of all! RM1380 (2 bottles X 250 capsules) plus free gift of blueberry pills. I used the Squalene to put on my red spots during the 'free-sample' days and the result was GOOD!

SQ 99 Gold

Here's another free gift from taiwan. Don't be jealous ah... :)

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Nightmare after Gopeng trip @ Adeline's Resthouse

The bruise story.

The bruise at knee was caused during BODY RAFTING at the river, which was actually an unexpected event during white water rafting. Through this body rafting, I have finally experienced how panic one could be during drowning, with water keeps on flushing into our mouths, couldn't breathe at all! The whole body is carried by the water flow solely, thus your body parts could hit simply anywhere. In my case, my knee hit the rock. :(

The itchiness story.

My hands and legs started to get itchy the night when I came back from Gopeng. 5 out of 8 of us got such itchiness but mine is the worst. They (my colleagues) suspected that it's the food allergy woh. So I also buat acuh tak acuh.

Day 3: The red spots couldn't subside at all. Each one of them is very itchy!

Day 5 : It get worsen. I got new red spots 6-8x on the left face and also right arm .....I started to get panicky. I went to panel Dr and it's confirmed not food allergy but insect bites! which I must have BROUHGT BACK from there! through my bag etc...then putting in my room when unpacking.....then the insects or mites jumping onto my bed.....

Dr said as long as the insects are not caught, I will continue to get those new bites. He advised me to immediately take all mattress, blanket, bolster, pillow & etc (e.g.clothings , bags...) which come into contact with the belongings I brought back from there out for sun-baking!

Day 6 : The red spots didn't seem to soothe. Therefore I was pressured to consult skin specialist.
I went for Dr. Ong Too. He said the same thing as my panel Dr, also insect bites, not food allergy! He told me the same thing - to CATCH the insects, if not....never ending bites!

Immediately coming back from clinic, I emptied my room and used clorox to mop & clean all, take all out again to bake under the damn HOT SUN.

Day 7 : After taking Ong Too's medication, it soothed a lot, most obviously on the face and the left elbow one.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Happy Shop (part 11)

A lot of free items are repeating..... no more xin1 xian1 gan3 mah. :)
Left out one 1x packet of rice in the pic above.

Friday, October 17, 2008

So expensive one piece of pillow?!

This is the so called 备长炭 pillow with Corma beads. RM460 per piece. Happy Shop item again...Argh!!!! It has another 1 and half mths to go..... Gosh!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Mobile stove is back in action!

Mobile stove bought ~1 mth ago. Finally getting a new one back after the previous one was stolen ......... If this time still get stolen, then means that what we've done to the wall is in vain.

Pong chan colleague's gf one. ~RM50 only.