Monday, September 29, 2008

2nd flogger's gathering

Read here . More photos available for invited readers only at ggnite blog.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Happy Shop (part 8)

Looking at the pic, do you feel like quality dropped liao heh?! :)
This week they promote curesonic - home use sonic wave treatment kit.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Happy Shop (part 7)

OK, It's week #7 already. The umph to update this happy shop thingy is no longer there. See the pic enough. :)

Thank you babe for this blouse! :)

Currently I have 3x catalogue/online ordering 'projects' on hands. I want to pass to somebody to do it lah!!!!!! :) Who wanna volunteer huh?

Friday, September 19, 2008

Advanced Packaging Symposium Program

Advanced Packaging Symposium Program @ EQ Hotel by Pac Tech

I need to attend more on such symposiums and seminars to gain more knowledge and exposure. Say NO to "old folk's home".

The first shot OK or not?! :)

Monday, September 15, 2008

Bids IV received

Satisfactory level for this round : 100%

Look here to compare.

【YOCO】典雅浪漫玫瑰花襟刺繡上衣 (共二色) NT570 - Juz Love it! Ranked Top 1!

【YOCO】壓紋雪紡公主袖蕾絲上衣(共三色) NT419 - also LOVE it! Ranked top 2.

【Pumpkin Cart】荷葉領附胸花針織上衣(共兩色) NT364 - another elegant piece.

【Reiko Ladies】勻稱美腿中直筒卡其褲 (共三色) NT499 - a bit transparent at front side.

【Pumpkin Cart】高雅氣質‧假兩件雪紡拼接棉衫 NT312 - casual piece, also like leh!

【Pumpkin Cart】柔美甜心~混色荷葉胸花針織上衣 NT343 - OK also.

【Reiko Ladies】亮片鑲領假兩件雪紡T (共四色) NT299 - this one nice leh

【Reiko Ladies花蕾假兩件雪紡上衣(共四色) NT350 - this one flower is bigger than last time our favourite piece.

【YUMI】輕盈美腿.訂製款寬管休閒褲 (共二色) NT499

free gift.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Happy Shop (part 6)

Free items are:
1x fabric softener
1x Goodmaid washing powder
1x Goodmaid dishwash detergent
1x cooking oil
1x eggs + 1x Kentucky season flour
1x abalone sauce
2 x ANO biscuits
red box : additional free gifts. Got BioWhite concentrate , got umbrella oi!

This month they promote Cosmo Royal Jelly loh!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

High Blood Pressure / Hypertension

To my friends only,

I assume you are now still pretty young but the ppl surrounding you may not.

Are you one of the relatives to those hypertension, or more commonly known as high blood pressure(HBP)'s victims?

Have you been one of those suffering the change in your family members who unknowingly became the pre-hypertension victims, in terms of like their living habits, attitude change & etc? Did you take note of their earlier symptoms, physically and mentally?

I wanna share with you as I WAS once the sufferer. I emphasized here, I WAS. Luckily everything has been in control now, so lucky that it was actually not too long ago.

I tried to recall the beginning onset on this disease, which at that time it was actually the 'changes' that were not noticed by us.

They always felt HOT like steaming pot. They tend to sweat a lot. Anywhere, anytime. Slightly moving a bit already sweating like hell.

They were very 'mang zhang', temperamental or easily throwing temper. Stress, anxiety, tension.

They couldn't sleep at night or have diffculty in sleeping. Insomnia.

They tend to get tired easily. Fatigue. Easily get headache. Easily sicked.

Some organs like eyes might be not able to focus properly during driving. Blurred vision.

Luckily it's a normal flu that revealed the disease. If not we still thought that it was due to some other environmental factors or changes in hormone, sort of.

Once a person started medication under a doctor's prescription, then you and I should 'common sense-ly' know that it will be a 'forever' tag until ....*you know, touchwood*.

Most of the time those who suffered from HBP are also suffereing from high cholesterol. It's pretty hard to lower down the blood pressure (target <120/80mmhg)>, even by enforcing yourself to become a vegetarian.

The medication provided by doctor will be the most helping you to maintain the blood pressure to a controllable stage. Once you stop taking it, it rises. Most often the number of pills that you need to take are getting more and more as time goes on.

Morover, all drug treatments have side effects. Now is hypertension. Years later on? kidney failure?

OK lah, I dah kena, takkan it's too late? Wouldn't it be some ways for us to 'rescue' ourselves since we dah 'INSAF'?!

Case 1:
"OMG! I've been diagnosed to be in a pre-hypertension group and do I still have chance to 'rescue' myself from taking medication life long?"

Case 2:
"I've been suffering hypertension for so many f* years. Is there any ways to help me get rid of it? (sound ridiculously!) or at least reducing my dosage on those 'western' drugs?"

I am writing for the welfare of everybody. I am not attached with any direct sales bodies. I don't sell nor collect points. It's not for charity either. You need to pay by yourself. No money no need to consider also loh.

Oh ya, it doesn't involve any spiritual bodies too. Not asking you to go ang kong keng lah, don't worry. Not traditional sinseh either.

Not forcing you to go tai chi or whatever gong(1) or exercise, although it's a MUST lah ok, come on! for the sake of you health.

It's pretty hard to pursuade or convince a person with HBP or diabetes. Only those with open heart, who has the 'why not have a try?' attitude will benefit from it.

如果你曾經是高血壓家族的一份子, 那將心比心, 若你的家庭成員有幸'根除' 了它, 你難道不想分享你的'空頭'? 施比受來得更幸福! (If you were once a family member of the hypertension victims, and by all means they have successfully combating it, don't you wanna share your kang tao? To give is more blissful than to receive!)

p/s: I only wanna share this with my friends or someone whom I know.

Monday, September 08, 2008

The Face Shop

Cut cost cut cost cut cost!
The amount spent for this many bottles can only afford to buy 2 to 3 products of other brands.

Sunday, September 07, 2008

Happy Shop (part 5)

Free items are:
1x cooking oil + 1x bee hoon
1x omega egg
1x rice (not in the pic)
2 x IKO biscuits
1x white coffee,
1x ginseng tea RM19.90,
1x brown sugar + 1x nestum cereal
The box one are those complimentary gifts for those who have had enough chops on their passbook and who submitted their after-use feedback form.

Monday, September 01, 2008

Eat + Take

I think not to celebrate BD in a single day is GOOD also hor! Why? coz I can keep on having different meal treats or receiving my BD gifts on different days. *wink*
Read Annabelle's Place.

Now due to Happy Shop, I started to become Santa Claus liao. Whenever I go out, I will bring along some food items (e.g.biscuit, greetea, barley, cereal & etc) to distribute to my gang. Everybody can therefore 'yao sek yao leng'.