Thursday, March 29, 2007

Penang Electronics Symposium

Today I attended the Penang Electronics Symposium organized by Chiptronics, held at EQ.

Hmm....the door gift, mou tak teng ah! A very solid bag that comes with lots of compartments, for you to keep your laptop, two bottles of water containers and a lot more stuffs .

This symposium was pretty good as it's not like the ordinary seminar/symposium which was held for long hours / whole day long with many ppl sitting together in a hall. *yawning*

It was held in four different rooms with different speakers carrying our their presentation at the same time. It's up to you to choose which one you want / interested to join. One of the co-organizers said that he brought back what was practised in China.

I like the first speaker who talked about the range & causes of lead free soldering defects! Very informative and educational. He managed to cope with both the layman and technical terms with 'not-boring' way of elaboration. Too sayang not enough time for him and he got to skip many slides! Hmm...I rated him as the best out of all.

Well, makan har...OK. Free flow of food and drinks were served from the starting of registration, during and after every break - throughout the whole symposium, buffet lunch, then till the end - carlsberg or cocktails were served, ah ha! I didn't take any after lunch lah coz I was full. :)

At the end there was this lucky draw session with very keng chao prizes one. F1 tickets, digicam,nokia h/p, ipod, USB port, memory sticks & etc. They were more ho liao than our annual dinner prizes.

I really wonder how much $ they sponsored for this type of symposium?! :)

To me it's an eye opener. It's very educational! Hope they will do it again next year lah.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

w/o internet

Can you live w/o internet? I got a whole lots of them who can.

They don't have webmail acc.
They have but they don't check.
They have but only check every fortnightly or once per month.
They only check emails at office so all the fwd mail you would like to share with them kena telan senyap-senyap.

They don't do internet banking at all.

Ok, mai kuk kong liao......the more I kong the more I gonna kek huek.:)

Thursday, March 01, 2007


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Give some feedbacks, share share lah! Yoh........... reading secretly alone syiok one meh?!