Friday, February 29, 2008

My bids

My successful bids @

日式網紗花邊長衣 NT287 (Blue no stock woh, tui sim kua loh..boh huat tor, no fish prawn also OK lah, beige lah)

任選兩色$299!皺皺小可愛 NT299 (wah, this one very san fu then only can bid tiuk loh! black and white are super hot items)

英倫風皺皺格紋直統長褲 NT299 (coffee no stock, ai....choose blue lah, desperate odi)

甜心花邊POLO衫領棉質T NT470 (I overlook that this is 預購商品 to postpone it for 2nd delivery)

名媛垂墜透光感針織外罩衫 NT480 (black) -also overlook this item as 預購商品, aiks!

手製胸花綁脖雪紡上衣 NT350 (grey). Hmm... a bit regret for not choosing pink odi...)

圓領蕾絲長上衣 NT330 (pink) -

典雅銀色V領蕾絲上衣 NT430

日本精品代官山購淺藍灰色雪紡紗香菇包裙 NT500 . This is the only one item bidded at Not yet close bid oh...hopefully it's mine lah.

Wahhhhhhhhh.....I can't wait to receive them loh!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

CNY 初三 gathering

CNY 初四 - Kek Lok Si. I believe the last time I visited Kek Lok Si was back in primary school time(?!). I went for the sake of "Yeah, take a look lah!" since it was lit up during the night, oh-so-nice heh.

This is the only place I found in the temple that could represent 'tranquility'. The rest of the places were just too noisy and commercialized, sorry to say.
Therefore I took more pics here.

Lastly, before we headed back home.

CNY 初三 gathering (took only the kids' pics, adults - none wor!) - This year's attendees were lena, lea & 1 daughter, yc & daughter, Wm and EP, Lil.

Sunday, February 03, 2008

Sayonara to my mtb!

To me spending K-amount for a mtb like this is considered worthwhile. It's something solid which I could touch, hold, see and use. No matter how long I abandon lah, as long as got minimal maintenance, it's still usable. Anyway, it's now out of my sight already - SOLD! after considering the factors : no luxurious time & no space to keep.

I really hmm kum lor to let go this bike. My very kum cheng bike leh. My heart started aching since the day the buyer said yes. This was the last pic I took on my bike yesterday.

Anyway, I've started to consider replacing my mtb with basketball.

To me, spending H-amount, let alone K, for such things are not worthy at all especially those like the one in the left pic. Right pic one at least I can use for 1 yr or more, still OK lah. Those left pic items, the consumption rate is high and it vanishes in a few months' time. You can use until the last single drop but no matter how aging still persists. Nah.....

Shu qi's way of spending.....scared!

Saturday, February 02, 2008

ERT photos

ERT training on 31st Jan 07 (Thu).

It's been rather long since we last had our ERT fire fighting session.

Unlike the first session (last week) which got a big group of attendees, we this 2nd session only consisted of ~13 members. Some have even gone missing halfway to attend to work issues/audit issues and left us ~8x at the end.

The guys' group - training on hydrant drill (wet run).

The second group - I asked the trainer to let me try out. The trainer asked the 4th guy at the other end to turn on the water half only, considering that I was the skinniest female out of all. He also asked the guys to help me holding the hydrant 'mouth', see?!

See? the water came out like kencing and we all laughed

Aiyoh.......pressure still low leh....

Ah ha! See how happy I was?! That's the pressure lah I want! :)

It's hot under the sun, we shot high and we turned wet showered by the water too!

Wahlau, see that guy still got time to look at the camera and posed 'smile' face! :)

Fire extinguisher's training.

Each of us took turns to put out the fire either using CO2 or ABC (dry powder).

My turn.

OK, dry powder was easier. I was standing in the wrong direction though.

Tired faces after the training.