Saturday, May 31, 2008

Herbal sauna

Herbal sauna (steambath) @ Tun Sardon, Balik Pulau.

On Thursday I had my first HERBAL sauna experience up at "The View" (our mtb (mountainbike) team used to term this place so) . We 3x went up there after work. I was not that well prepared. I only brought shampoo, towel, hair treatment wax and 1 set of changing clothes.

The other two apparently have addicted to it. :) Yesterday when they ajak me again, I said YES. So...this time we 5x went up again. Ah ha, this round I was all armed loh. I remembered to bring along lock & key, shower cap & skin care (face & body) products liao.

Sunset view

The entrance to the sauna room. Free ginger tea available.

The corridor.... at the end there got canteen (for you to order food if you are hungry)

After the 1st round of sauna ....all wet.....

Monday, May 19, 2008

Rebonding or torturing?

Patience is the key word.

Your butt will be stuck in that chair for 3 to 5 hours, depending on your hair texture and length.

I did it last Sunday. This was not my first time doing rebonding or perming but everytime I forget and forgive. :)

Firstly hair cut /trim was done per my request. This took ~20 mins.

Application of perming lotion (to soften the hair and break down its bonds) onto the hair was nothing. It took ~20 mins. It's the steaming process which lasted 45 mins that nearly drove me nuts. The scalp nearly boiled. *WTF! Why did I pay the money to torture my head??? Am I insane or what?!*

After that, it took about ~15 mins to let the scalp and hair cool down. Later on washed off and blew dry, this took about ~15 mins.

During straightenining hair process , one of the hair stylists kept on touching my scalp with her flat iron. Haiyoh, high temperature one leh. She was holding too near lah! For almost 1 and 1/2 hrs they two ironed my hair. Argh!!

Fixing the bonds (A neutralizer is applied to reset the bonds and stabilize the hair) only took about 15 min - this was bearable.

Later on washed off again and did a 5-min hair treatment followed by blow-dry again.

At the end of the day, i just felt that my scalp has become thinner.

If you were to ask me what is my comment after this torturing process? "It was terrible but it's worth it. I can just comb it with my fingers when I wake up in the morning for at least 4 months!" That's why I said loh, I forgot and forgave.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

No good

My birthday gift arrives 3 months earlier. Ooh, this item comes just in time. Thanks, CE!

Apr was a bad month for me. I thought everything would turn alright in May. Argh! NO leh......

Moving to the new room - should be a GOOD thing hor?! But I ended up falling sick just after sitting there for 2 days. Everything seemed to be not so right with the new seating. Fengshui? or lack of 人氣 (as the office was always 冷冷清清)? I was definitely beh tahan with the so-f*kg-cold air cond!

Three days of MC made me a 'mushroom'. Combating with the fever that went as high as 39.9C and never seem to subside even after 4 times of medication consumption. Taking bangku everyday to wait in front of clinic (before it opens) waiting to get my number. For consecutive 3 days also got number 2 one wor!! *why ah?!* Dr gave only 1 day of MC for each visit, advising me "if tomorrow like this like that then come and see me again.." Wahlau ei, I already paeng tou ng ngan luk sek already, somemore kena torture like that. First day- went to sleep with fever, woke up with fever, ate medicine, slept with fever, woke up, fever lagi, ya, repeatedly...kept on measuring temperature. The fever finally went down slightly to 38.8C when I started taking antibiotic. Not good enough. It went down more convincingly only after Dr gave me a stronger antibiotic the 2nd day but then it was too late for my throat as it already got two 'volcano mouth' liao. One big ulcer at each side of throat. Blinking the eye slightly harder also caused pain at throat, not to mention swallowing saliva somemore. No appetite at all, how to eat with this kind of condition? I only ate white porridge with soya sauce, white roti with plain water for days.
From day one I was sick till now, I've ate the amount of roti that could have made up the volume for my consumption in one year. :(

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Liak kappa trip

It's been one whole year since the last kappa trip (on last yr's Labour day).

This time I followed Heng & her hubby + gang to a new place at Teluk Kumbar on 3th May (Saturday). There were together 9x of us.

We had to wade through this water. There were sharp rocks underneath the water therefore we mustn't go near the shoreline but went to deeper side instead. My ankle was scratched and having slight bleeding, I had no choice but continued moving. :) I had to abandon bringing my camera and pouch as even by clinging them on my neck they would get wet. Our hands got to take the pails and etc tools somemore. It's at least 5 -feet depth at the water we started to 'work' on (to filter the kappa from the shells). Heng & I climbed up the rock to prevent the tide from washing away our yield. We all co-operated very well oh. Each fellow has done a great job! The greatest man of all was the PRO who went further in depth to dig out the mud+kappa with his special-made tool.

At the same area there were 4 to 5 other groups too. From strangers chit-chatting became like friends!

This time was professional-level's kappa trip. Therefore you could see how fruitful the result was after working for 2 and 1/2 hrs. It's near to 7.45p.m. when we were done.

Go here for my original taste of kappa . :)