Saturday, June 20, 2009

Marvellous hair rubber tie

I personally think that this is a very great creation for ladies with long hair! It is tight enough to hold your ponytail and yet won't leave 'mark' on your hair.
I love this!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

How to cure corns (雞眼) in chinese traditional way?

How to cure corns (雞眼) ?

I MUST SHARE this method WITH YOU all. It's been at least a few months since I last cured it using this method. I kept on forgetting to blog it out. Now finally ......

A chinese traditional way. The easiest, the cheapest and most effective way!

I tried before using such 'treatment' that can be easily bought from pharmacy but IN VAIN.

I regretted for not taking the BEFORE pictures. Now I can only show you the AFTER pictures..

Evidence #1. See? The 'mark' there previously was a BLACK DEEP corn.

Evidence #2 : Second toe got one corn previously and it 'infected' the 3rd toe. Corn can be infectious ('tuah' in hokkien) one. Now this is the second toe after cured.

Previously before I tried, Heng told me "When one get cured, the rest will automatically cured also one, very magic one!"

Evidence #3 : When the 2nd toe is cured, 3rd toe also AUTOMATICALLY cured too. Now I believe with my own experience.

Use this! Joss stick! 寺庙里点的敬神的香 . 中国人拜佛时焚的]香 .

Light up one stick and use the burning end to 'burn' your corn, it gonna be slightly stinging, you have to bear it. Anyway, since you are the one to hold the joss stick, therefore you can adjust your applying force. You stop after you feel that you cannot tolerate anymore. For me, each time I stopped after 'burning' it for about 10 times. The burnt part will appear now as 'black'.

For my case, I repeated doing so after every few days. I did it every now and then, not really following the schedule though as some time I forgot to do it! :p If not mistaken, in about 2- 3 wks time, it dried up and even before I realized the 'dead black thing' dropped, i's GONE !