Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Bkk trip IV

Day 4 - Going back to Bkk from Pattaya. I showed 'face colour' to the tour guide liao, coz she spent so much time at the Gem factory, even longer then the other day's herbal factory!! The dry food market cut throat also, one pack selling RM15! chi sin! Who wanna buy?!

Safari Park at Bangkok. Wah....walked till beh tong loh. From one show to another got to walk damn far.

The Safari marine park. While waitaing for the show to get started, the DJ played an Indian song and got a bunch of Indian tourists entertained us all (at least 2000 persons inside here) with their dancing. The DJ lagi high, played again for the second time and they danced another round. We were all well entertained! :)

The dolphin and whale show.

The James Bond 007 show. Speaking in thai language, so you just have to watch the explosion scenes enough, the rest *yawn*. ;)

The safari world - You are allowed to drive your own vehicles in for the animal watching. Impressive!

We were given 2 hrs (5p.m. to 7p.m) to shop at MBK center nia nia!!!! Imagine lah yourself, mana cukup right?! All priced at '199 baht', '299 baht'...wah.......somemore the shops got soooooooooooooo many leh. Too tempting oi! So since we got limited time, then mah saved money loh. :)

Here's some of the things we bought. We bought bread and cake also for the next morning's breakfast coz we got to go airport by 4.30a.m.!

OK, going back to the same hotel we stayed during our first night at BKK.

At the airport. I was very impressed with the idea of their open kitchen restaurant alongside the walkway and also the idea of letting you see/ ronda till the very last station then only you go to the boarding gate (which were all located at one end of the wings), unlike our KLIA.

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Bkk trip III

Day 3 - departing to Coral Island. Here's the para-sailing 浮台, halfway of the journey to the Coral Island. I was very very very impressed with their professionalism. Every 10 sec or less they managed to get one person landed and another one departed. It's a lot safer than Pg one.

At Coral Island. 'People mountain people sea'. Clockwise 3rd pic (white shirt fat one) is our tour guide.

Both CE and I hiao.

Some of our 'rewards'.

After coming back to Pattaya from Coral Island, we were brought to the wax museum. Don't get too excited tau.....there were only ~21 wax monks there only. Nothing fancy, no celebrities ok. You are not allowed to take pic of theirs. So we ended up shooting some outside of that building.

On the way to Nong Nooch Tropical Garden, we passed by this .

Nong Nooch Village.

The cultural show inside NongNooch.

The elephant show inside NongNooch.

HardRock Cafe at Pattaya (where our massage center was located nearby).

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Monday, July 23, 2007

BKK trip II

Chaophraya River

Along the riverside got these temples & other remarkable buildings & etc...including the Wat Arun.

The so-called FLOATING MARKET. (Ya....three boats nia...somemore selling souvenir. This is the BKK city 'for tourist guide' punya floating market, not the original floating market, mind you!) Everyone kena tipu. The tour guide said you ppl must mention you want ORIGINAL floating market when you book with your tour agents. The location needs 2 hr drive from Bkk city.

a>Over here it's the place they 'entangled' you with the flower strings . Also the bread feeding to the fishes.


Wat Arun's souvenirs of mine & my gang.

The Sriracha Tiger Zoo.

I was very impressed with the gao1 jia 4 highway that directly connecting BKK to Pattaya (although this highway was not completed due to economic crisis). The highway could be seen 'left' not completed about 1-2 km right after the toll.

The Royal Century hotel at Pattaya.

Night street at Pattaya

The Alcazar show (Ah kua show) .

Out of so many, only got ONE very pretty totally like barbie doll one nia. The KL couple told the tour guide," Wah...only got one pretty nia leh, tipu duit lah."
Baht 600 (~RM60)per person.

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BKK trip I

BKK (18-22 Jul)

I have always wanted to travel with minimum belongings. I made it this trip! see below. :) only waist pouch.

My BKK (Deluxe Place) hotel room's window facing this river. Chaophraya River?!

Central World shopping complex - equivalent to KLCC-sort-of, expensive.

Outside Central World got 'temple'.

We walked from Central World -> Big C -> Partunam then back again. At 6p.m. most of the shops closed at Partunam and we wondered why so many of them pushed and shifted the clothes walking-racks around. Later on then only we found out they have actually shifted outside the complex, to display as roadside stalls. Ah ha!

Taxi fare from Central World to our hotel (sang-ka-la area) costed ~70baht (RM7).

Mine (left) vs CE (right).

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Monday, July 02, 2007

Worry too much


Before I went to KL, I worried the journey of mine from Sentral to the hotel, whether to take a cab or a monorail. I worried that I might not be having enough time to get the info I was assigned to find out in Nepcon. I worried that I might not be having enough time to visit Lna's house. The one I worried most was the returning day when I had to take a cab during peak after-office hours to reach Sentral, in order for me to catch the flight in time.

During the departure day, my flight was cancelled then the crowd made big fuss about the 3-hr- later- next- available flight. Who knows then later I managed to squeeze in the 1-hr- later-available flight. I thought I would have to eat at hotel odi when I was in the cab directing to my hotel, who knows then I reached KLCC 30 mins before it closed and I managed to dine in Dome also.

Other than the Lna's house visit that I missed out, everything ended up ran smoothly. So why worried so much leh?! Sii kao sii tam thng , boh bi zhu huan tzu thng (when the 'time' comes it will be responsible by itself, no rice then cook sweet potato soup !)

Sunday, July 01, 2007

Did I not walk enough uh?!

OK, during my stay in KL, I got to walk to and fro at least twice per day between Impiana Hotel & KL convention center. One time during lunch; another time after the workshop, before the Nepcon closed. Additional time was after bathing to go cari makan. Not to mention somemore the walking with me carrying the luggage inside the KLIA /Sentral there.

OK, now in Pg pula. Yesterday after walking two times of circles in matta fair (went in and out for two times) , when rushing to meet the gang at Qbay, damn I have to park my car near to the roundabout (due to the carnival causing traffic chaos there) and walk so damn long distance till the old town kopitiam that end.

Today, at matta fair again, another two and half times of circles walking inside including the 'yun wong lou' searching for my colleague BC! Later on from one booth to another comparing the itinerary and price etc, OK, I surrendered and made full use of every chance to sit down when they made enquiry. I let BC and her cousin to make the decision as for me taiwan trip with or without hualian coast also can one lah. At last it's settled to opt out that hualian and it was in late Sept.

Having finished that with kaki lenguh, at 4 p.m. I proceeded to Carpet Hike, which was a kang tao told by BC brother (mtb gang), prior to this matta fair. Hohoho! One hr of hike up to The Carpet route, argh! I have been to the Carpet many times with mountainbike in the past but not hiking up. This was my first time. This hike really brought back my memory on this killing ascending path which I hate last time when mtb! When BC and I reached there then only we happened to know that it was actually a group of BJ hikers that were invited by one of the estate owners to have a fruit party there. There were durians, nangka, cempedak, rambutan, porridge, char mee, tao eu bak and the best was the pu er tea. :) I tasted some also.

During this hiking trip, I was reminded again on my last mtb fall (2 yrs back). :( It was just a simple chat starting with asking whether if I have been to this route before. And you know lah......"Ya, mtb before but not hiking...." so on and so forth. Apparently the mtb circle was so well-linked that they (even from this group which I have never seen before) also knew about the story of this mtb lady who fell 'terribly' and never come back again. "Oh ! it's YOU hor.....that's why got to be careful loh blah blah blah blah.....*really felt like korek lubang aje* BC also added,"Ha, it seemed like your story has become an 'example' to alert the mtb'kers."

Ai...tolong....mai kuk kong liao! :)