Saturday, September 19, 2009


This is the pair of shoes that I have been eyeing since I first saw it many many and many many months ago.

Finally grab it when the price is finally reduced to this much. 30% off.

Bear in mind that the luck will not be always at your side as when it reaches such season (to clean out the off-season stocks), it's normally either colour or size "no more stock" liao loh.

p/s: Supposed to buy one thing for HIM only, ended up make me spending more..hmmmm.......

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Peking Tong Ren Tang 北京同仁堂 - The prescription procedures

Peking Tong Ren Tang 北京同仁堂 @ Lebuh Campbell, Penang

The last time I paid a visit to Tong Ren Tang is 2007. After two years, I am back again. It's ALWAYD "painful" whenever you decide to step into this Peking Tong Ren Tang.

When you approach the register counter, you got to pay RM20 up front for 門診費 (diagnose fee).

草藥 (General Herbs) is charged differently per your prescription. Generally it will be RM15-RM20 per one day's prescription.

煎藥 (Jian Yao) is charged at RM3 one day's packet. Of course they will divide this into two packets for your consumption on day & night separately. The Jian Yao is ready for collection after 3 hours (you calculate from the time you pass your medication paper to them lah). Therefore you got to go strolling some where else before returning to collect them. The best part is they open until 8pm for collection.

Imagine if you are prescribed with 7 days herbs, then you got to pay RM3 x 7= RM21 for Jiao Yao alone oi! :)

Paying one time visit to Peking Tong Ren Tang alone could easily cost you >RM100.

It's very convenient that they provide this kind of Jiao Yao service though. As for OL like us, it's almost impossible or hmm.....may be I shouldn't say "impossible", but should be "very tedious" to jian yao by ourselves.

The Jiao Yao packet- You can bring it anywhere conveniently. When you collect them, it's warm. After it turns cool to room temperature you are advised to keep them in the fridge. When you wanna consume, you either reheat it under immersed water or microwave.

They offer health card (sort of like member card) which is RM10 application fee (valid for two years). With this card, you can get 10% discount on the general herbs (not on the diagnose fee or Jian Yao fee though). Also 5-10% on their off-the-shelf health products (not applicable for promotional items though).

Peking Tong Ren Tang
72 & 74, Lebuh Campbell, 10100 Penang.
Tel : 2621889, 2623889. Fax : 04-2620889
Consultation Hours : 10 am - 1 pm, 3 pm to 7 pm.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Bulgaria Night Shots

These are some of the photoshots that I 'pinjam' from other floggers who attended the Penang Floggers 4th gathering @ Vintage Bulgaria.

You can see more photos with faces here.

At first, siam siam siam the camera from!! He wanted to take soooo close shot leh! Scared oi.

Later, asking Yummy Station to shoot for me since he got very ho liao de camera mah!

Adui, hair not properly combed yet leh! Tak bagi tau pun....No focus on the camera somemore! :)

Thanks to Ken from for making the big round face become oval a bit.

This one OH NO!!!!!!!!!!! TOOO CLOSE odi lah! Must blurrrrrrrrrrrrrr it first before showing.

Adui, Ken cakap ada nice black and white photoshot, I mah nak try loh! OMG! Men-siasui-kan leh me.

All the female floggers of that night.