Saturday, February 27, 2010

Green Bamboo Snake (青 竹 絲 蛇 )

I live until this age, first time encountered such incidence.

We saw this creature today morning around 11.10am when we were about to go out.

We called bomba at 11.15 a.m and being transferred to the unit in charge after telling the operator "Ada ular" .

He told us to keep watching at the snake to see where it moves to. We kept our eyes on this creature until ~11.40 a.m. It moved its posture for a few times and glided up the ceiling at last to hide there before the rescue crew arrived. Seriously under hot sun and such situation, minutes passed by like hours although it's just ~25 minutes.

The snake immediately hid into the gap of the grill when the crew (4 persons) came in group 'looking' at it. There was once the snake missing in sight. Luckily they told me to get the Ridsect. After spraying into the hole/gap, the snake couldn't stand and moved out!

The used the gripper to catch it, but it struggled and fell down to the floor, and moved towards me, who was standing near the car! I screamed like what, jumped like hell and twisted my ankle! :(

He told us this is "Chae Tek See" species.

The end of operation at 11.50am.

Remember! Call directly to Talian Kecemasan 999 Daerah Georgetown : 04- 2269085, 268860, 2269084, 2269076, 2269097.
(under Jabatan Pertahanan Awam Malaysia Pulau Pinang) Rescue 999 (24 hours). 15, Lebuh Raya Peel, 10350 Pulau Pinang (Tel : 04-2283781, Fax: 04-2283486)

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Bouquet received in surprise!

Yesterday while I was busy tekan keyboard at general pc, I received a call from guardhouse.

"This is from XXXX.....Pls come down to take your thing."

Off I went and....... "Oh...........surprise loh!" :)

I kept this bouquet at office for one night as I didn't have camera with me on that day mah! Office is cold with air cond all night long, therefore I guess it should be better than bringing it home loh.
The photos were all taken on the next day, which is today after lunch.

"Lum mou?"

Monday, February 08, 2010

House Warming Gifts

The most hilarious one goes to this. Cash in a nice cute box.

Thursday, February 04, 2010

Taiwan Yahoo Bids (VI) part II (actual items)

Oh gosh! I was so busy until I didn't have time to post any for January! :( These are the clothes arrived back in late Dec 2009 leh!

Here's the link for the clothes advertised in the taiwan yahoo website .
Satisfactory Level : 8/10

Satisfactory Level : 7/10

Satisfactory Level : 6/10

Satisfactory Level : 7/10

Satisfactory Level : 6/10

Satisfactory Level : 9/10

Satisfactory Level : 8/10

Satisfactory Level : 7/10

Satisfactory Level : 6/10

Satisfactory Level : 8/10

Satisfactory Level : 6/10

Wah, didn't expect to be SOOO mini size loh! :)