Sunday, November 25, 2007

Never stop learning huh! Pooh!

Remember that phone loss in my office? That loss forced me to either switch or learn up or try -to- get- myself-used -to operate at least 5x phones before departing to Taiwan.

After I was back from Taiwan, there went another 2x (HTC touch (see pic below) & i-mobile) before I settled down with another one Nokia 2630 (after I traded in the 'sucks' phone (which I bought b4 going Taiwan) at a very ultra low price, OUCH! pain!) . There went a total of 8x. Yoho! I am good in learning up new phone now, aint' I?! Cis! Don't you believe it k? In reality, I f* hate it!

After borrowing for ~ 2 wks, I helped to sell away this HTC touch. Due to one potential lelong buyer stood me up late of the night, I 'for kwan' already and sold it to colleague at very forgiving price the next day. I didn't want to sacrifice another few nights of sleep liao lah. see?! Well, after all, it's a pay lang cheng (hokkien) price to the phone's owner and to this colleague too, no profit gain. Happy for both parties! I am the middle man that kepoh nia.

OK, after 8x phones of learning curve, here's another one. Teng teng teng teng, a new camera. If you were to ask me whehter I love it or hate it?! ARGH! Both also got lah! This learning curve gonna beat the HTC touch, I guess!

All of you should know that the pathetic old nikon camera of mine was not in good shape for nearly a year right? I had put on hold several times of urge in buying one to replace it. I put a rubber band to tie up the battery compartment, I bear with the loss of AA battery power for THISSSSS long and I even had to sacrifice the food pic quality of mine (a big SORRY , in fact!) . So here now came the chance for me to get it :)

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Floaters chk done

I went to Island hospital for an eye check up due to the floaters problem on Friday afternoon.

It's been kinda disturbing for a few months lately on my right eye. The mosquitoes seemed to be increasing to some times 3x instead of the old 1x. It's kinda haunting me every second that I started to blame that perhaps it was because of the staring-at-pc time has increased a lot lately due to workload.

Argh! this type of checking ah, it once enough lah! So geli...

My appointment was set at 2.30p.m. I reached there at ~2p.m. As usual, visual checking was done by the nurses before the DR arrived. It's fine. (yeah, I am glad to hear that again! after about 8 yrs). At first they put some 'eye drops' on my both eyes to check and OK. At that moment my eyes were already felt the eye balls got swollen already.

Then later on, the Dr said gonna put somemore eye drops to open up the 瞳孔 to check more thouroughly etc. I told him to do both eyes lah since already come mah. There were two types of eye drops, the first one was kinda like 'lemon' type ('see see' = hokkien) lah. I hate this loh! The 2nd dripping of such eye drops was about 20 min away. waited and waited..and gradually your vision got's like lao lang bak, you see far still clear, but when you try to look near, ah ha! BLUR...

So there went the 2nd time of checking...this was the process that was geli lah, to me! The DR put the some kind of like 'hair-gel' thing on top of one eye piece (like the microscope eye piece), then fix into your eye lids can feel that the gel was actually in contact with your eyeballs now. Then he one hand holding that eyepiece, another hand rotating the scope, so that he can see your eyeballs all around. At one time the eye piece dropped due to I blink he tried to FIX again (meaning to open up your eye lids and get that eye piece plugged onto your eyeball again loh, argh!). So after the right eye, same process went to the left eye.

The result was "it's OK!" ...........yes, that's the most pang sim word to hear from Dr. :)

The paling syiok one was, the cashier managed to get ING approved my guarantee lettter and thus the the consultation this time was FOC! Phew~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!!!! it's not much lah I know, but RM65 is 'something' could mean a 4/5 tank of petrol (?!)

The effect of blur eye sight lasted about 2 hrs oi.....whatever I saw e.g. the traffic light, the street lamps, the back lights of cars etc...all got spiky shapes one like durian! As time passed by the spiky shape became smaller and smaller.

Sunday, November 04, 2007

Sakura Charity Festvl

Sakura Charity Festvl @ Traders Hotel

1) RM5 ticket for admission

2) Each person was only allowed to buy 5x items,excluding clothes.

3) Each time about ~30 persons going in, you are given 7 minutes to buy only!!!!

Wahlau ei.....that's all that I managed to pick loh. see below...

Left pic 4x items each RM3 (for the kids), the most right pic RM15 (for my own).

The first few rounds of ppl have already sapu all the big items like golf sets, cane material of mu4 ma3, toy sets, kitchenware and etc. I was like at the 5th or 6th round liao, so the clothes were all kena hiao ah + hian ah + peng ah until I also did not know where were the kids wear, where were the adult wear?!

Haiyah!! Queue up for nearly 1 and 1/2 hrs and got only 7 mins!! Chit tor loh! :)

Saturday, November 03, 2007

倒贴的爱 by 韩美云

3.11.07 (星期六)光明副刊 男女配

<倒贴的爱> by 韩美云

恋爱中的女人能为另一半付出多少, 那是很难想象的事,可是这些倒贴的女人未必

一个OL朋友平时埋怨忙得没时间收拾屋子,洗晾衣服, 可是, 她却能腾出多余的时
间为男朋友洗衣服,晾衣服,折叠衣服. 我真看不过眼,冷眼讽刺的说,你是他的女
朋友,为何要把自己当作是他的女佣呢? 这太轻易的糟蹋了作为女朋友的矜贵身份.

恋爱中的女人为何喜欢倒贴自己的时间和精力当男人的妈, 或女工? 这是一种非常
传统的观念, 因为她认为男人只爱贤慧的女人; 因为她认为男人是生活白痴, 没
有了她便失去生活自理能力, 而自动的启动了自己的母性本能; 因为她想从这些生

这也让我想起了一则娱乐八卦. 据说,国际红星巩俐当初下嫁新加坡籍黄姓先生后,
有一次也放下身段, 委身的蹲下身抹地板,被黄先生看到了而热泪盈眶, 对这位明

但是,聪明女人必须知道,在细水长流的婚姻生活中, 在适当的时机 "抹地板" 是


女人如果认为替男朋友做家务是出自一片体贴和爱意,那平时吃饭休闲的消费就干脆AA制,因为现在百物涨价, 男人赚钱也不容易, 所以在交际费上应该互相承担,
同时也可以证明女人的经济独立, 更可以避免有一天不幸分手时, 接到对方一张长
长的交际费帐单, 成为'被追账' 的一方.当然, 只有小男人才会认为,'与女友

男女相爱不应该在"倒贴" 的天秤上失衡, 因为当"倒贴" 逐渐深化就会变成"牺
牲". 这是美好恋爱生活的潜在变奏曲.

p/s:查母, 共勉之! :)