Wednesday, August 26, 2009

birthday gift

I do ACCEPT belated birthday gift loh. A hem!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009


When you get older, the gift becomes smaller and smaller?

Lo Hong Ka still remained 'generous' to us who don't spend on its products that 'regular' since signing up. Ha!

I can see that their birthday gift is getting cheaper and cheaper. Last time it's 1x Aloe Vera worths RM18.80 , and now only these two bottles of longan honey worth RM5.50 each.

One thing good is during the month of your birthday you are entitled to 20% discount on their products per one time basis! This is the time I 'pak lor pak kor' asking around to see if anyone is interested to buy Lo Hong Ka products loh. Got good kang tao must share mah, right?!

And..of course, how could have I missed out my beloved Green Tea Cake leh? I bought this last Sunday to enjoy. birthday drags for the whole month one.....:)

Monday, August 10, 2009

The 9th Anniversary Jeju International Wind Ensemble Festival Pre-tour Concert (Part II)

My camera lao ia lah. See? Beh khi leh the photos. Luckily got one more ho liao one at my side. You can see clearly how ho liao hers one is when scrolling further down. :)

The Penang Wind Orchestra members seated, got ready to perform.

First session songs:

Festive Overture
Highlights from West Side Story
Danca Bacchanale
Putra Putri (soprano - Serene Yoon)
Raiders March 'Raiders of the Lost Ark'
Big Band Stomp
Beijing Good News
The Planets : Jupiter

He is the one that looked really yao yeng when playing his solo part! So cool!

Another impressive one is the guy standing at the most behind one, the one playing the big tua kor. Directly opposite the conductor, Mr.Woon. I enjoyed wathing him swaying following the rhythm, fully indulged in his musical world!

When playing Putra Putri, soprano by Serene Yoon.


Second session songs:

Star Wars : The Phantom Menace
Malay Dance Suite
The Sound of Music (soprano solo - Serene Yoon)
American Salute
Selections from 'The Phantom of the Opera'
Poet and Peasant Overture

When playing The Sound of Music (soprano solo - Serene Yoon)

See ? my big tai kor there again!

Sunday, August 09, 2009

The 9th Anniversary Jeju International Wind Ensemble Festival Pre-tour Concert (Part I)

The 9th Anniversary Jeju International Wind Ensemble Festival Pre-tour Concert.

Friday August 7th 8.15pm @ Dewan Sri Penang.

After reading this booklet (which we have to 'buy' it through donation), then only I realized how come I did not have the 'chance' to proceed joining the orchestra like during school time, or more precisely, did not even know there is this existence of Penang Wind Orchestra that actually accepts 'matured' school leavers.

The fact is......... this Penang Wind Orchestra was founded in 2002 whereby one of the objectives is "to offer an opportunity to woodwind and brass young musicians to continue their activities in playing in a band after they have left school"!

2002 baru set up nia! See?! No wonder lah I am not aware. How I wish that it was set up earlier than that!

I was glad to know this fact by the way as I've always felt SAYANG loh to have abandoned 'the passion to orchestra' just like that after we left school. Its our full 5 to 6 yrs of participation and dedication that we in contributed to the school band leh!

I've enjoyed two times of orchestra performance in two weeks' time.

This is the park at the other side (backend) of the Dewan Sri compound. Pretty nice landscape too heh?

To be continued (photos of the night of orchestra) .......