Monday, June 30, 2008

Pantai Kerachut Hike & Team Building

Pantai Keracut Hike & Team Building (29-06-08)

We ~25 pax (mostly ERT members) joined this activity sponsored by company.

Due to some late comers, we reached Taman Rimba (Hutan Lipur Telok Bahang) entrance around 9.30 to 10 a.m.

After some indoor activities, we headed to Teluk Bahang (Pantai Keracut entrance).

We were divided into 3 groups & each group was given a sheet comprising ~20 questions with clues. Along the trekking journey, we need to get the answers. It was about 11am when we started our hike.

We went past the Bukit Belah (like a 'gua'), a few pondok and a few jeram. I was not sure whether if this trail was specially chosen for light & easy package as I found out later that only the first 1/2 hr was hiking uphill, the rest of the trail was either flat or downhill. ha!

All of us were very hungry lah!! It was already 12.30p.m. and we still left about half an hour to go. The more hungry we were, the faster we walked.

Hexagon bridge, Meromictic lake and lastly the Pantai Kerachut beach.

Some have claimed that this jungle trekking is 'shopping' only lah! I agreed too.

Look at our meal !

Turtle programme - we were given chance to look at the baby turtles that were going to be released to the sea by that night.

Right at this moment, we still haven't realized .....

When we realized, quickly rushing at the last minute to complete the 'alphabet' assignment.

Going back time - I was asking one of the tutors,"Oh! Our eggs! Where are the 5 eggs that you distributd to each group of us at jetty just now?!" He smiled,"......." Hoho! We were fooled lah. The eggs were not part of the games oi, only 'helping' them to carry to the ppl at Pantai Kerachut there nia lah. :)

On the boat

Hamper time. We are johan!

All free.
Reaching jetty around 5.30p.m.

Not all are ready yet..

All ready....Hurray !

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Malaysian Chinese Language

This is taken from fwd email. I want to share with you all. I am one of the 'users' on malaysia chinese part, no doubt! HA! :)

> 中国人 :今晚你有空吗?我没空!
> 马来西亚华人 :今晚你得不得空?我不得空!

> 中国人 :饼干受潮了…。
> 马来西亚华人 :饼干'漏风'了…。

> 中国人 :从上海去苏州要多少个小时?
> 马来西亚华人:从上海去苏州要几粒钟?

> 中国人 :难道他不可以来吗?
> 马来西亚华人:你不给他不来啊?

> 中国人 :周杰伦不喜欢穿内裤。
> 马来西亚华人:周杰伦不喜欢穿底裤。

> 中国人 :我一向都是这样的
> 马来西亚人:我一路来都是这样的啦

> 中国人 :我的手机掉进沟渠了。
> 马来西亚华人:我的手机掉进龙沟了。

> 中国人 :这样你不是很不值得吗?
> 马来西亚华人:这样你'马'很不 '歹'?

> 中国人 :你真是聪明!
> 马来西亚华人:你真是pannai!(源自马来语pandai,聪明的意思)

> 中国人 :你安静!
> 马来西亚华人:你diam diam!(源自马来语diam,安静的意思)

> 中国人 :我要去银行取款。
> 马来西亚华人:我要去银行'按钱'。

> 中国人 :为什么?
> 马来西亚华人:做么?

> 中国人 :你很强~
> 马来西亚华人:你很够力~

> 中国人 :明天也叫他一起去吧!
> 马来西亚华人:明天叫'埋'他一起去!

> 中国人 :我很郁闷~~~
> 马来西亚华人:我很'显'(sien)啊~~~~('显'比郁闷的境界更高)

> 中国人 :你再说我就打你!

> 中国人 :你在说什么?
> 马来西亚华人:你在说sommok?

> 中国人 :你不要令我丢脸~
> 马来西亚华人:你不要'下水'我~

> 中国人 :真被你气到…。
> 马来西亚华人:被你炸到…。

>中国人 :你别乱来~
> 马来西亚华人:你表乱乱来~

> 中国人 :你很无聊
> 马来西亚华人:你很废

> 中国人 :XX你

> 中国人 :迫切
> 马来西亚华人:bek chek

> 中国人 :我们一起吃这碗面~
> 马来西亚华人:我们'公司'吃这碗面~(源自马来语的kongsi,就是一起分享的意思)

> 中国人 :我们结婚吧!
> 马来西亚华人:我们结'分'吧!('婚'字受粤语影响,所以音不标准)

>中国人 :今天的天气很热~
> 马来西亚华人:今天的天气热到。。。。。。。。。。。。。。~~~~~~~('到'字要拉长,然后没有下文了)

> 中国人 :哇!
> 马来西亚华人:哇捞weh!!!!

> 中国人 :我受不了他!
> 马来西亚华人:我behtahan他!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Bids III

OUR bids .....we couldn't wait to see the actual items oh. :)

【Pumpkin Cart】獨占可愛~緞帶滾邊雪紡上衣 NT460

【PinKyKiKi】性感.U領蛋糕接雪紡背心 NT450

【Reiko Ladies】2WAY綁帶寶石領造型T(共三色) NT390
【Kuei土豆小舖】可調肩帶緞面蕾絲襯裙 (共二色) NT399

【PinKyKiKi】荷葉袖壓摺雪紡棉衫 (共二色) NT480

百變達人@磁鐵式八爪耳環(白色、黑色) 0.8MM NT199

【YUMI】修飾系聖品.抽繩褲腳內搭褲 (共二色) NT199

【白鳥花子】可人手勾織邊繫繩雪紡T (共三色) NT460

【白鳥花子】綴蕾絲開領娃娃裝 (共四色) NT490

【YUMI】輕盈美腿.訂製款寬管休閒褲 (共二色) NT499

【PinKyKiKi】清爽感.晶扣圈圈娃娃長裝 NT390

【Reiko Ladies】手製胸花綁脖雪紡上衣 NT350

【糖罐子】任選二色$399!平口蕾絲半截小可愛 NT399

☆席瑞絲☆雙層雪紡蕾絲滾邊罩衫上衣‧優雅杏 NT399

Monday, June 23, 2008

What's Next?!

"Old-Man" bicycle

Mum bought this @ RM210. I know it's nothing compared to my old MTB lah but "no fish, prawn also good" lah hor?! :) It's nice to cycle OLD MAN bicycle as it's BIG enough and got "kochabi" feel too! :) Hehe, other than for exercise purpose, it can also become one source of cost cutting - to go market & places nearby. MY dream is cycling to work(!) but it turns almost impossible by considering the heavy traffic & safety on road.

"Have to cut cost on facial products", Not only one but a few already whom I've heard from. Let's switch to middle-lower range. The Face Shop & SKINFOOD brands have started to poison our minds. Alright, I started with this one. RM38.50 only.

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Bids II (cont)

I forgot about these two pending items (ha!) until Cat told me to collect them.

勾織蕾絲領雪紡上衣 (NT499)

普普風多色條紋圓領短袖T (NT340)

Overall satisfactory level : 9/10

Handcarry items got tag along taiwan mari punya biscuits..... tq Cat!

I bought a vegetable juice recipe at Popular book fair for mum since she had bought a brand new 'WASH-friendly' blender/juicer from 'pasar', korean-brand. (Moulinex juicer go to #%$#*& lah! Wash like hell after each extraction)

The other two books which were bought earlier also have become 'usable' now kua .... especially the face mask one.