Monday, July 31, 2006


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Sunday, July 30, 2006

St Anne's Festival (II)

Climbing up the staircase at the back of the church and you will see this at the top of the hill.
StAnne 08

StAnne 09
Looking down from the staircase.
StAnne 092 St. Anne's water
StAnne 091
Coming down to the church at the side.
StAnne 093
The big compound in front of the church gathered lots of people.
StAnne 094

One last shot before we went back.
StAnne 096

p/s : Thanks to our 'tour' guide, J for his hospitality and also the bak kut teh (oops, forgot to snap photos tim!).

We proceeded to E-gate Old Town Kopitiam to meet Yy. Old town menu
Old town butter kaya toast......... *wharp*
Old town dishes

St Anne's Festival (I)

The Festival of St Anne. held at St. Anne's Church, Jalan Kulim, Bukit Mertajam.

The road leading to the church was blocked for vehicles' entrance. Night market stalls were alongside the road.

StAnne 01
Who took this pic one?! 'chicken' hand uh.... shaky.....
StAnne 095
Night of Candle Light Procession.
StAnne 05
Candlelight procession by thousands of devotees on the church grounds.
StAnne 02

StAnne 03

StAnne 04
See?! 'man mountain man sea' oh!
StAnne 06
Coming out from the church.StAnne 07

Saturday, July 15, 2006


Ngai tou paeng ! In movies I watched a lot lah, but never did I imagine that could actually happen in real life. I was hospitalized for 5 days 4 nights. (It sounded like I was on holiday uh?!) . I was given drips on Avelox™ infusion solution other than the pills and nasal spray.

I kena buta cucuk (poke) 3x (left hand) during my first night when the nurse (apparently she is a pretty new nurse) was trying to put me on drip. She kept on saying," sorry sorry sorry....". 2x cucuk for blood test. At last she was able to insert the needle properly into my right hand under the assistance of another more experienced nurse. So it went on fine for the rest 3 days. On the 4th day, oh no.....the drip was not working after some time and the surrouding was swollen. According to the 'officer', "sayang lah to take if off and put you on pills, it's such a waster leh, left so much more wor, we've better finished it off lah, somemore it's not cheap you know". Of course I agreed. So.....I ended up kena lagi 1x cucuk on my left hand (using an infant needle).

hosp 01

(From the website I found out that this AVELOX is a sterile intravenous antibiotic used in adults for the treatment of serious infections of the lung, airway and sinuses.

AVELOX contains the active ingredient called moxifloxacin, which is an antibiotic belonging to a group of medicines called quinolones. These antibiotics work by killing the bacteria that are causing your infection.

AVELOX is available by prescription only, and is used in a hospital environment only.

The usual adult dose is 400mg once a day for 7-14 days. )

For me, all the meals are OK but the 'neighbours' everyday complained about their food leh, saying tak bubuh garam lah, tak enak lah and etc lah.

hosp 02

There were some people who became my spokewomen and spokemen while I was hospitalized but in actual they knew nothing in the background. They just saw the surface, assumed and concluded by their own. The typical ke po chi who likes to cho gao gao one lah!

Monday, July 10, 2006

Nasal spray

nasal spray

3rd visit to clinic. Nasal spray was given. Now only that Dr knew that his previous medicine did not work on me at all. Now only I heard him saying, " hmm....very very blocked...hmm......very very .... very blocked...." and ended up spending ~20 mins to 'clear'. Finally he wanted to give me pills that will cause slightly sleepy one liao. Finally MC 1 day. The Dr somemore scared that my 'ultimate motive' was to wake up in the midnight for world up final leh. Wah piang! I told him I never watch lah during midnights!

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Very sick lah

I've been sick from 30th Jun till now. This time is very chia lat.During day time it's worse , with blocked nose everyday, covering with face mask plus another piece of N95. During night time I couldn't breathe and couldn't sleep. I went for another clinic on Thu night and proceeded to work the following day, which was actually a holiday. Boh huat tor, I got to work since the schedule was so damn packed. Replacement later date lah.

So, going into the room everyday with swollen eyes, blocked nose, sneezings and coughings and somemore wrapped with that pao-kar-bat-bat wear - Argh! it's very suffocating leh. Anyhow, yesterday I have finally kao tim the recipe which was workable and presentable. At least we got some kao tai *I sao tong immediately with rocket's pace*