Saturday, October 01, 2011

Soda Powder

I finally found where to get the soda powder (which is actually baking powder lah, OMG! stupid me!) from the baking material shop. I tried several attempts taught by the book. The one I found the most efficient one is to use it to clean the kitchen ventilation fan (that helps to withdraw smell and heat during cooking)! It's more efficient that using those detergent or whatever super stain cleaner.

Nano white Experience

It's my dream to use normal off-the-rack skin products. Finally there comes the chance.

I got this cell moist whitenor (right in pic) as one of the samples in the goodie bag while purchasing health magazine. It has the endorphine aroma which I really like. 

[Nowadays everything has increased its price, if possible, I would like to further cut down the expenses on beauty products too (although my skin has improved a lot on breakouts). I have started using mixed products, but I have difficulty in searching one moisturizer that suits me well and shows result for my skin yet!]

Therefore since my moisturizer of B-liv (by cellnique) purchased from Sasa has nearly emptied, therefore I quickly go and buy this Nano White day renew to try. I chose this which has SPF 25 PA+  instead of the omega day shield SPF 50PA+ (got tinted colour somemore) because my skin is acne-prone , especially after using sunblock or make up.  

Nano White Day renew (RM30.90) 13/9/11
Nano White Intensive de-pigmentator (RM48.90) (from sunshine farlim 18/9/11) - got discount ~24%
Nano White Refining Toner (RM19.90)(from sunshine farlim 18/9/11) - got discount ~24%
Nano White Cell Moist Whitenor (RM26.90 ) from watsons (25/9/11) 

The product I love the best is Nano White Cell Moist Whitenor, It's easily absorbed and no oily, not like its Day Renew (which I find a bit oily after use), and somemore this Whitenor has the endorphine aroma, it's really refreshing after use!! 

Ginvera Olive Oil

Now after going through such a long winding path, I finally believe what the 'mama said'. Olive oil is still the best in removing make up. 

There are a lot of beauty products that emphasizing on removing make up. Lots of them which sound very professional such as eyes & lips make up remover, face make up remover, deep cleansing milk, double cleansing etc. 

Now I finally come back to the basic one. 

I find this Ginvera Olive Oil is LIGHT in texture, watery type. After removing the make up, just use a simple basic facial foam  /cleansing milk to wash away and that's it. 

Simple yet effective. No breakouts after use. so far.