Monday, December 21, 2009

New Parquett


11th Dec (after)

Duration = 5 days.

Friday, December 04, 2009

Spread the Seeds of Love Charity Tour

莽原佛種感恩之旅 Spread the Seeds of Love : African/ Malaysia/ Brunei Cultural, Education and Charity TOur 2009 held on 1st December 2009 @ PISA stadium.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Konsert Kecemerlangan Orkestra Simfoni Penang Free School

Konsert Kecemerlangan Orkestra Simfoni Penang Free School @ Dewan Sri Pinang (24 Nov 09)

Lagu Negaraku and Lagu Negeri Pulau Pinang performed by Penang Free School Band.
Arrival of T.Y.T. Yang Di-Pertua Negeri Pulau Pinang.

Penang Free School Wind Orchestra.

PFS Jazz Band.
Drum Lines. - I think this is the most impressive performance of the whole night's concert.

Dance from Persatuan Kebudayaan PFS.

Pop Orchestra Penang Free School . All the baby performers :)

String Ensemble.

PFS Symphony Orchestra.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Taiwan Yahoo Bids (VI) part II

Other than the previous three items, here's the rest for this round order.

【小美日系】韓品發表‧星星印圖連身針織洋裝 (NT490)

【小美日系】知性氣質‧假兩件垂領反摺袖針織衫 (NT440)

【小美日系】希爾頓千金‧韓品滾邊裝飾亮片外套 (NT750)

【Olivia】任選兩件399!寵愛衣櫃洋裝上衣超值組 (NT399)
甜美VIVI風雪紡拼接碎花洋裝 =35% cotton, 65% polyester.

網紗碎花雪紡洋裝 =35% cotton, 65% polyester.

【小巴黎】氣質系.雪紡袖拷克勾邊針織衫 (NT580)
針織(65%棉+35%聚脂纖維 )

【YOCO】韓貨~香奈兒風緞帶銀鍊外套 (NT1080)

【LABU LABU】白色羅莉塔‧精緻蕾絲布拉鍊外套 (NT530)

【LABU LABU】精緻流行!高質感豹紋雪紡紗夾克 (NT680)

【天母嚴選】美人心機‧美背剪花背心 (共二色) (NT380)

【Sugarteen】高雅緞面細肩蛋糕裙洋裝 (共二色) (NT370)

【Bear Bear】休閒甜心歡樂小熊手提包 (NT329)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

PM Online sucks

Through 'repurchase' transaction,

1) You won't be able to see how much you have sold and what is the amount that you got. Until you got the hardcopy statement mailed to your doorstep.

2) No status update available online as of whether it's been transacted successful? or pending etc. No emails sent out to inform the status too. It's so lousy compared to US online trading website which you can see it in real time format.

3) In case you choose direct bank in (instead of cheque) and if you are not a public mutual gold member, you can only choose maybank or public bank, other banks are not allowed. You got to wait until the KL branch to call you,"Hey, we can't transfer to you this xxx bank lah. We only accept maybank and public bank." "How come it doesn't prompt me when I was processing?" "Well, it's stated in the clause there , that clicking 'agree' page. " Why it's so poor? Why can't there be a window popping up stopping us just right at that particular page when I was online processing it?!

It's ONLINE, suppose to make people feel confident, convenient, easy to retreive info and fast in processing. It ended up not professional and slow. :(

Monday, November 09, 2009

HerbaLine RM28 facial

Originally at RM79. Only for first time visitor.

It includes salt soaking feets, fish spa 10min, aro-breathing and facial (which is considered pretty normal without any additional / luxurious treatments) .

Products are made in Taiwan. Lose confidence on this point though. Plus point is the price is like those off-the-shelf items, very affordable.

Sunday, November 08, 2009

No more headache on internet connection!

After almost 1 and half weeks of struggling with incosistent internet connection, today finally comes to an END.

All this while we thought that it's the streamyx problem or the rainy days, apparently it's not. It's actually me fighting over the same line with my bro! (All this happened after I moved my pc upstair.)

Today I made a call to Telekom. Within half an hour the guy came (which I didn't expect it to be so fast, since it's SUNDAY). The encik followed us up and down, down and up, crawling to the back of our house, up to our roof and etc to find where the problem is. We suspected the line PUTUS somewhere in the middle, which is concealed inside the wall. He also made a few calls back to office to check and confirm for us which line belongs to which.

After searching high and low for about half an hour, we decided to ask him to CUT and connect a brand new line lah.

After cutting the line at one end, he detected the line WORKING already ! Phew~!!! Save us another few tens ringgit to buy the connecting wires (which we've actually bought after he told us to do so, but then we managed to return since we are JIRAN always pong chan one mah)!

He is sooooooo helpful! From the past few times of experience with telephone line problems, Telekom actually impressed me a lot with their friendly and efficient service.

When I mentioned calling TELEKOM, I am referring to the faulty line complaint , not streamyx ok?! :)

I bring my HEART to work! See?!

but on Friday only...........Oops. :p

Sunday, November 01, 2009

I am a Sampah Poe!

Donated by Nina.

On Friday we went to the grand opening of Kyzen at Sg Tiram. Door gift. Met Dato Lee Kah Choon with his BLUE coat AGAIN.

Donated by Y again!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Taiwan Yahoo Bids (VI) arrived

Our bids arrived on 27th Oct 09. It took 5 days only by EMS! Wow, super fast oi!

I like the packaging box indeed. Thx Meow!

【JDaheck】海蘿德式藍滑棉多層折縫舒棉洋裝 NT699 [satisfactory /similarity level = 100%]

【JDaheck】隱約朱紅於黑絲下塑身蕾絲洋裝 NT980 [satisfactory /similarity level = 100%]

I love this brand, J Daheck! The items are similar in terms of dimension/description.

【小美日系】波希浪漫‧碎花蕾絲滾邊荷葉袖洋裝 NT410 [satisfactory /similarity level = 95%]

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Online Buying Clothes

We ordered from Forever Fashion lately. The price is cheap. It took ~ 1 mth to reach.

Satisfactory level = 60%. Do take note that the clothes are imitation of the japan/korea fashion. Therefore the actual quality cannot be compared with at all.

These are items that achieve satisfactory level.
Price from left to right :

These are items which they don't satisfied.
Price (from left to right):
RM29, 30, 26.
RM28, 26, 21.

Top : RM32. Btm: 26 (why caramel colour became coffee?! )

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Konsert Utama 2009

Last Saturday a group of us (5x) attended this orchestra at Dewan Sri.

Wo! This time is slightly different from the previous two times. We need to stand up straight and the orchestra will play 'Negaraku' and State song after arrival of Yang Di-Pertua Negeri Pulau Pinang. We need to do this again when the orchestra performance has ended.

The photo below featuring the double bass solo performing together with the orchestra.

Play lists:
1) "The Butterfly Lovers' Double Bass Concerto
2) Symphony No.35 "Haffner" in D Major KV385
3) Zampa Overture
4) Malay Medley Festival
5) Polonaise from "Eugene Onegin"
6) Procession of the Sardar from 'Caucasuan Sketches'

It's not good at all to be seated 4 rows from the stage as it seemed to be overwhelmed by the sound of violin/viola. time I got to choose back the back seat!

Friday, October 02, 2009

Wonder Way Lunch Demo Session

Last Sunday I went to Wonder Way Lunch Demo by paying RM20 per head.

Demo on how to use 1 tablespoon of oil to continuously cooking tofu, fish, egg and frying mee.

Demo on how to use just a piece of kitchen towel to clean the wok.

How to cook yat-wok-suk (cook all in one go)!

Demo on how to use presssure cooker to cook abalone in chicken soup.

Actimo Gold - Hexagonal Water Device