Thursday, November 16, 2006


I just could not understand how come those people who behaved entirely different in front vs at the back of their papas managed to get away for what they have done. How come these papas continue to believe their daughters(or sons) are working fine with the rest? Are the papas aware of that? or are they closing one eye and opening one eye?! :)

For example, "Yes, yes, yes.....hmm....yes yes yes....but Mr. (or Ms) so and so said hor, this one no good.....cannot use.....I told him oledi......but he said he insisted like that wor...."

Hey, in front of your papa talking about your own business enough lah. Why got to DIG those people names out in order to back up or defend yourself as if you are so damn innocent meh. Somemore the history of everything was brought up even the little tiny unofficial conversation between you two little casts.

Sometimes we as the third party hearing such kind of conversation really 'cold-sweating' man ! I could not imagine what reaction the Mr. (or Ms.) so and so will have if he (or she) was to know this person talking like this to the papa behind him (or her), backstabbing him (or her). Somemore those kind of intonations used during the conversation were not meant for the whole incident or the parties involved but to this fella alone nia nia due to attitude problem mah.

This type of person just doesn't know how to weigh. If you are good enough you no need to say bad about people. You only got to drag people's names out when you are lame.

Lame. lame . lame.

Monday, November 13, 2006

Audees Nite

Audees Cuisine . Wine . Jazz @ Burmah Road.

We tried out this Audees on Saturday night. Phew ~! We 7x managed to reserve a joined table finally without advance booking. *sweating* Sitting behind us was the Pensonic blah blah blah whom we no need to mention here lah har....hmm...including one of their chinese spokesmen aka the Mr.Postman.

So you can see lah from the pic below that sitting inside got aircond + live guitar music song loh *All of us enjoyed the songs lah. That singer got sa-sa voice, I like it!* whereas sitting 'outside' har (left bottom), a bit hot lah + no music loh. So you better do reservation if you are thinking of going k. (04-2298022)

That day set dinner was at RM68++. I 'sum see see' too but ended up none of us ordered. We opted for ala carte menu coz like that then only we can choose our own special desserts mah. :)

Clockwise : garlic bread, pumpkin soup, spaghetti marinara, honey roast duck spaghetti, lamb combo, grilled salmon. Aiks, I forgot to snap soft crab spaghetti leh(!).Audees
Ya lah, I was the one choosing marinara loh coz I missed the seafood marinara spaghetti with big juicy scallops back in Cafe 8 at SF one so much. Mana tau loh. Somemore I got to eat those shredded shells in my spaghetti tim! Next time no more ala carte liao, must go for set liao.
Oh ya, the lamb was heard to be good lah. The rest should be good too except the soft crab spaghetti kua.

Desserts : Warm apple cake, tiramisu, forgot-dunno-what . The desserts were all pretty good. Its tiramisu came with very strong wine taste inside oh. :) My apple cake was good but lacking 'special' surprise for me loh coz " come the taste was like the 'roti' dessert that I used to eat in canteen one ah?"! :p
Audees bamboo bench oh inside the toilet. So nice leh for ladies toilet. :)

After dinner, we went to upstair for jazz live band performance.

We were lucky that we got the 'exclusive' private corner reserved. Super soft cozy sofas that made you melting on it! Audees
We were lucky also lah for some of us were treated free for a few glasses of drinks by its taukeh including 'Hot Lovers' and the rest of I-dunno-what-it-called drinks. I guess those free drinks added up the amount should be more or less equivalent to what we ordered kua.
They were pretty fresh. Just came back from US. That's what I heard lah.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Hard Rock Nite II

一分钱一分货! Clear pic from more canggih camera lai liao. :)
Go Hard Rock Nite II.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Hard Rock Nite

Our annual dinner this year was themed as Hard Rock Nite. Here you go! More to be added later on k. I am still waiting for the pic from the rest.

Friday, November 03, 2006

Fat tou yao for! Si peh TL.

There were people who SNEAK into my blog. Yes, I use this term coz
(i) they were not 'invited' by me.
(ii) they never come in front of me saying "Hey, I read your blog lah or blah blah blah" at least acknowledging me.

Disclamer : This does not apply to those who came in through the site that I subscribed to or through the search engine on certain topics randomly.

I have so far met two uninvited guests only who came confessing to me that they did so. I appreciated that. :)

I stress again over here. If you are not humorous, narrow-minded, religion-biased, racist, easily irriated, someone who does not know the internet languages or the meaning of those ":)" icons or sort of, DON'T read my blog coz you may interprete what I said here using your own 'tone'.

I do not want a term likes 'comment / opinion/ point of view ' ended up becomes 'curse'. I do not wish what and how I express my feeling here being distorted.

Whatever 'conversation' I wrote here or quoted here, I have already talked or did the same to the persons I mentioned or quoted, so please dun cho gao gao. We are kam cheng enough to let me write in the tone I used to write. Mind your own business.

For those who were giggling there thinking that I did not know who you were - who sneak into my blog since day one - please go and polish up your skill, you have never been invisible to me at any one time. I remained silent coz I was patient enough. Go and learn the ethics of reading blogs.

If you dare to sneak into my blog to read, dare to put comments or suggestions at my blog after reading. Do it too with your REAL NAME or nick which I know, not anonymous.

Again.... THIS IS MY BLOG! Don't read if you think it's not your cup of tea.


I will surely be very MAD....

If my trip to Shanghai was cancelled due to my passport went missing due to the tour guide being so damn helpful filling up the forms for a foreign worker, a couple or more when he was supposed to take care of us the tour members. By the time he filled up two and could not continue to third, it was already too late. Passport already kena sapu. The whole group of 35 could not fly. Sayang...Long raya holiday, leaves already applied, losing so much time and energy. So unforgivable uh. That airport camera somemore could not trace the thieves coz angle punya pasal. Even if they managed to catch, so what, the trip was no longer possible to proceed.

BUT then, I will not be MAD anymore.......

IF each of us (the victims) were given RM10k. I do not mind to lose this trip. I do not mind going to apply for a new passport again. With RM10k, I can go to Shanghai during other non-peak seasons with lower rate RM2500 + Italy RM6000; or Taiwan RM2000 + Bangkok RM1500 + East Coast USA RM5000; or Tibet RM5000 / Silk Road RM5000 + ............. (Wahlau! siao liao me when think of this!:)

I salute the taukeh for being so generous and well-versed with winning 'business' strategy. Y, this is exactly like what you mentioned last time, one cable car dropped and the whole cable line's passengers were compensated with RM2k each.

Tell me, if they compensate you with RM10k, will you still be mad?!

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

冬菇发法 (huat hiao kor)

All-year-long mushrooms ready made-to-eat!

A modified method from the HK NextMagazine双如谈食 written by 黄双如. Whatever Shuang Ru taught you one were all very high standard type, using all the super high class ingredients, all the super ho liao tools and super tedious methods. She is so par pai until she purposely opened a grocery shop at HK Zhong Wan which imports and sells only SUPER high class ingredients. So far of all the issues I read, I only found this one 'useful' to me. Back from 2001 one.:)

What she taught : Use the super high class mushrooms, Japan breed but grown in China.
What I did : China one. See pic below.

What she taught : Soak the mushrooms for 48 hours. Change water every day and night.
What I did : Soak for 24 hrs. Change water once / twice (up to you).

 huat hiao kor
After-24-hours look. Cut away the stems.
 huat hiao kor

What she taught : Use tai bai fen (太白粉) to rub clean the mushroom bodies.

What I did : No need.

 huat hiao kor
What she taught : Put into stainless steel pot, add in France made Rougie Goose Oil (鹅油) 1 tablespoon, add water 4-6 bowls (cover up the mushrooms as standard) and cook with low heat for 7-8 hours.

What I did : Put into slow cooker, add in mua eu (麻油) 1 tablespoon, add water 4-5 bowls (cover up the mushrooms as standrd), cook with high heat till boiled then change to low heat for 7-8 hours. I also put in the stems :)

 huat hiao kor
What she taught : Let the whole thing turn cool. Segregate and pack the mushrooms (together with the soup) into different small bags and store in the freezer compartment.

What I did : same.

 huat hiao kor
So this is how they look like after frozen.

 huat hiao kor
Therfore you can take out anytime, reheat or add any other flavours to fry and etc as and when you wish/need.