Wednesday, December 26, 2007


After-Xmas small lunch party

Gift exchange (some of them..)

This should be the last 'function' I organized for this year. I am gonna 'retire' and no more 'organizing' thingy for me starting next year onwards.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

KL-Bkt Tinggi trip 05

Sunway Pyramid

Sungai Wang

Times Square

One Utama

My items of victory! (Left & middle).

The left one was from Nichii. I didn't know it was 50% off until I was returned a cash balance of 20+ bucks by the cashier. So I asked her," this item 50% kah?" (Hmm...I thought it wrote there on the shelf, "10% for store wide items"?! ) *RM29 nia - BIG BIG grin*
The middle one was from sungai wang. The price was rather heartaching, don't ask! :)

That's all loh! Limited time to shop = save money. :)

KL-Bkt Tinggi trip 04

Colmar Tropicale

Nah, that's how the decoration looked like for a Xmas festivie season! OMG! The whole resort seemed to be so lang cheng cheng leh.

The russian performers were rather entertaining.

Monday, December 24, 2007

KL-Bkt Tinggi trip 03

How often do you have such refreshing days started with this kind of outdoor / balcony breakfast?

We got a lot of time here, thus we killed it slowly "tick-tock tick-tock" drove up and down and up and down. For example, we went to the kampung bukit tinggi to buy vege and fruits lah, we explored the Bentong town lah etc.

Kolam Air Panas @ Bentong. You dare to swim or not?!

Can you see the TINY us trying to make the word "BIG" ?!

KL-Bkt Tinggi trip 02

Looooooook!!!!! These were the photos taken using my new camera, ah ha! Chio boh?!

This walk reminded us the Tropical Spice Garden in Penang. Over here the atmosphere is much cooler, thus it wins!

Rabbit park

Meranti Suite where we stayed. The balcony was overlooking a very 'salem-high-country' view.

KL-Bkt Tinggi trip 01

KL-Bukit Tinggi Trip (19th Dec -22nd Dec)

Free stay @ Berjaya Times Square Hotel

Bkt Tinggi - Japanese Garden

I like the cold climate there ! Does it sound weird to you heh?! Well, it was not as cold as Genting mah, so it's still bearable for me such a person who hates freaking cold weather.

Monday, December 03, 2007

hair growth remedy

CE, here's the method for preparing the sheng1 mao2 remedy.

egg white + coconut oil + lime juice (half)

Basically, here's the three ingredients to be mixed together. Coconut oil is about 3/4 to 1 table spoon for 1x egg. If you put more then you'll need more lime juice later. Lime juice is about half piece (this is a quite big one, see?). You got to do a few times in order to learn how to justify.

ok, after stirring them up, apply and massage onto your scalp and leave on for 1/2 to 1 hr. Wash with shampoo later.

Thank you, YC! hehe.....I got somemore 'new' clothes loh! :)

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Messy days

See? These are the orders I got for our 'gin-na' catalogue. This is by far the most I've ever received. I got a 'plan' to throw a LITTLE party by using the 'discount amount' we earned. :) Budgeted lah.

Pocket bleeding again! The si gin na hand so damn itchy leh, broke the fax machine this morning! Today I drove past the the same road to and fro 5x ! Firstly going to get banking and poslaju delivery done. I only managed to get it posted when finally came to the third post office (the MINI post) near my house! Secondly going to PISA to search for a fax machine but they were all PC related with canggih version, so wasting time nia lah. It ended up I went to BJ's SEC 3 times lah! Aiyoh.....really si gin na! I was so damn tiring that I managed to sleep for > 1 hr in Saturday's afternoon! Hardly one you know!

We 5x went to Qbay to have dinner (go my foodblog to read lah ya) then so happened when we were forwarding to Jurlique, we managed to grab the 3x HK stars on stage. They were 胡杏儿, 汤盈盈,谢天华. I only managed to capture their back lah haha!

Later on we dropped by Jurlique and managed to get some samples for trying before it closed.