Wednesday, December 31, 2008

De Belle

The De Belle Collection @ Lot E17 & E18, GF, Megamall.

I like its ala-taiwan fashion. Mostly very elegant one loh.

The girl there said after accumulaing certain amount odi then can get member discount etc. Upon returning home, I checked back the receipt and found out that the last time I bought its clothes was back in Oct 2006. Adui, two years only buy once! I, this kind of customer, tak payah mau lah. :) Ai....who asks their shop location is across the bridge woh? Somemore no telephone number and no website to show. It gonna be a waste of time, money and energy to just go and look for new arrivals.

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Kedai Runcit

These are the free items that we got from the Happy Shop. Macam kedai runcit leh....

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


24th Dec gonna be my last day for this whole makan marathon. I got to stop and rest for 2 days before continue eating again. Excuse me.....

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Yinhoo I

I said OK to their order on Yinhoo catalogue as this time I also eyed on one item. This was the first time we bought in bulk. Cheap + OK. Material is moderate thick, enough to shelter from aircond freezing air. Mai hiam bey pai. :) RM27.90 each for this one.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Bids V received

Our bids arrived on 15th Dec 08. Solid medium box. Great packaging, Meow!

Look here to compare. Satisfactory level 9/10.

【小美日系】優雅女伶‧腰綁帶連身氣質洋裝 NT899 - simply love it! A risky buy but luckily ngam. *What a cold sweat!*

Reiko Ladies】前後U領綁帶雪紡上衣 (共四色) NT430 - Wah...the colour is so damn chio....sei for! :) The free attached necklace got two missing strings. *alamak*

【小美日系】小立領荷葉邊蕾絲擺緞面衫 NT520 - Elegant piece. Ling Zhi Ling style mah. Ha!

【小美日系】優雅雙口袋針織鉤洞罩衫 (共二色) NT499 - Super satisfactory!

【小美日系】千金最愛.混色毛呢附花朵綁帶外套 NT880 - a bit larger than expected. I like the cuffs there which are tightened one, not flare type. A real thick one. Oh no..

【Reiko Ladies】蕾絲鑲飾鑽釦美蝶上衣 (共三色) NT520 - elegant piece also loh. Actual one looks much flare than expected.

【Dream女郎】浪漫主義花紋雙層連身洋 (共三色) NT590 - Material is much rougher than expected.

【Rainbow】仿牛皮百搭款小手提包 (共二色) NT290 - Super satisfactory!

【Rainbow】仿牛皮小古著手提斜背包 (共二色) NT290 - Super satisfactory! A real solid piece. So cool!

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Ended for Happy Shop

Last Sunday was the last day for Happy Shop's operation.
They are moving to Farlim, beside padang, near KFC now.
A lot of residents here are sad and are like missing something in their routine. The everyday session is like a tuition class for them. Must not miss one, be it raining or storming. After spending 4 months sure got kam cheng lah.