Wednesday, July 30, 2008

S&C Movie

24 Jul 08 was the day S&C started screening. I have prepared one week ahead for this S&C screening but it ended up I got to cancel it due to meeting.

Therefore we watched it 2 days later.

I booked and picked up the tickets 2 days ahead. They were astonished,"Wah...super efficient wei? super fan of S&C leh! If we last minute FFK (fong feng kei), how leh?!"

I told them, "If you ppl FFK or be late, I'll give to any leng chai who passed by in front of me.Hiak! "

This was my first movie in cinema for the year 2008 leh. Don't play play har.

It's an early show therefore the whole cinema only got an audience of 10x?! Syiok!! felt like 包廳 !

One uncle who came alone left halfway during the show. Haha! He must be bored till death watching all the four characaters inside there chee chee zhar zhar.


You are Carrie, but not Carrie Bradshaw.

Mr Big exists in the movie nia.

I am awake, don't worry! Hah! :)

HDL up LDL down

Last week when going for the company medical checkup, I topped up RM80 to get a more thorough one.

I was toooooo happy to see the result that I had hard time sleeping at night. Two nights oi. Unexpected result.

The item I am most concerned is the cholesterol. I have always near ato the higher margin.

Total cholesterol = 4.9 (well, still near higher margin).
HDL has been increased to 2.27 whereas LDL is reduced to 2.4 (this is a great improvement!)
Total/HDL ratio = 2.2 (this too!)

I will continue to 'work hard' in controlling my diet. food blog.....

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Stupid Astr@!!!

Why Astr@ stupid?

1) I got to spend ~25min on the call talking to the customer service in order to find out that the 'amount due' on the bill there is actually a so-called stupid amount which gonna sustain this account till Jun 09! because the bill is settled annually per history. Stupid! Like that meaning I OWE YOU meh?! YOU OWE me baru ngam ! Stupid billing statement which Astr@ customer service also doesn't know and got to spend ~25 min of their time and MY MONEY (outstation call) to figure out.

2) When Astr@ accepting subscribers paying in advance for 6 mths or 1 year, it welcomes you with *big grin*. When subscribers want to disconnect, got to tell them 1 MONTH in advance leh. AND this cannot be done through call, must go to their stupid office. What's the purpose of 1 month notice? since you ppl can count & bill the subscription by DAY?! Stupid!

3) Why the whole Penang island only got one office (which is at bellisa row)? Balik Pulau or Teluk Bahang ppl also got to travel so far in order to ask for one stupid errand? Why can't you set up branches at Bayan Baru area? No money meh or because you have already monopolized the market and does not even want to consider spending more?

4) At the office, the lady said," Today is 26th Jul, so your account will have to be disconnected on 26th Aug, by then you come to submit your smart card." I told her, " I submit now." "But within this 1 mth you can still watch." I told her, " No need, I don't want to travel down again". As I told her before, this 2nd decoder has been left unwatched for ~ 4mths. No point keeping for another 1 mth.

5) I asked how much will Astr@ return me? She told me " Well, you will know when your statement comes, which is on 20th Sep." When I called up astr@ during that ~25 min, the guy can tell me exactly the amount. but this stupid girl said, "As I told you, your acc will be officially terminated on 26th Aug, then you need to wait for another 1 mth in order to get the bill, then only you will know how much." Is this not called stupid or what? It's in the computer system what!!!! You computer system knows how to auto deduct and count I will hutang you RMXXX in order to keep the acc sustanining till Jun 08, but cannot calculate how much the balance you ppl must return me by the end of my termination?! OK then, don't want to argue with you. I don't know whether it's you the user who is stupid, who doesn't know how to retrieve the info ? or it's the system in your office that's stupid!

6) I asked again I want Astr@ to return me the money by check since before that she told me the refund will be done so if the bills were settled by cash. "Well, as I told you, by the time when you rcv your statement on 20th Sep, then only you call up and instruct them what method of refund you want." OMG! I am telling you AHEAD mah now I want it to be done in check form. You ppl cannot do so one ah? Have to each and every step call and come to your stupid office one ah? sooo stupid!


7) I told her I wanna buy a remote control from here. She said "No, you got to get it from the service center." I asked where. "Any Astr@ service centers." "Yes, where? Do you have the address?" She passed me a small paper indicating Jalan Pintal Tali something like that. I asked roughly where it is located. She said," Campbell Street." I asked further which end, any landmarks?! She said," Campbell Street, near Rock*". I asked if it's near to the mosque there?" She said," OK, which side you know?" I said," I know the penang street, then to the market, then to the mosque." She then said, " it's one of them NEAR campbell street!" F** OFF! It's NEAR, not AT the campbell street. The whole campbell street is one way you know! Near which side ah? She said I also don't know, normally customer calls up themselves to ask for the direction.

8) I stepped out from the office and called the shop. The answer I got is," We no longer selling ASTR@ remote control loh. " "Where can I get ah aunty?" The aunty told me near Malacca Street blah blah blah....Streamyx....

9) I went back inside waiting for that stupid lady to finish serving the customer then I walked to her," This shop no longer selling your ASTR@ remote control, are you ppl aware of that? " "You called them up?" "Yes lah". Stupid !!!! Astr@ office is giving out info which is not UPDATED at all! soooo stupid! Stupid!

10) I spent two rounds driving at malacca street but couldn't find any streamyx shop. IN VAIN.

Pls tell me if this is not called STUPID, then call what leh?

Friday, July 25, 2008


I would like to apologize if anyone of you didn't receive my follow ups/ responses / answers on your comments or questions as all this while I only checked Haloscan commenting system. The 'default' blogspot commenting system did not notify me and I may only notice there's a comment when going into "Edit Posts" page.

I only discovered the flaw in the template today(!)- a thing which I do not know how to solve lah. The Haloscan appeared in my main page, individual post (sidebar) and archived posts (sidebar) BUT the default blogspot one co-exists at the individual post (side bar) when those ppl who 'google' some keywords and entered my particular post. It ended up I got two comment streams and my default blogspot comments channeled into individual post but not at main page nor archive post. Pening!

I have decided to sacrifice one. Permanently delete the default blogspot and maintain only the Haloscan.

Mind peace.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Bids III arrived

To compare with the website's pics, look at Bids III . After doing some comparison & testing on the items, I commented below.

【Pumpkin Cart】獨占可愛~緞帶滾邊雪紡上衣 : Similarity 90%. Website looked brighter?! Elegant piece.

【PinKyKiKi】性感.U領蛋糕接雪紡背心 : Similarity 90%. Actual colour is darker in beige instead of portraying as white. Top #1 favourite from this round's bids. Kinda risky for skinny ppl to bid it. Luckily this 'lidi' (instead of 'lady':)) can fit.

【Reiko Ladies】2WAY綁帶寶石領造型T: Similarity 100% but one of the last three not-so-favourite's. Still prefer the last bid's best item!! (you can find it at pic below)

【Kuei土豆小舖】可調肩帶緞面蕾絲襯裙 : Similarity 100%. Top #2 favourite from this round's bids. This is to be worn as inner lining. You want to wear alone also can lah. The adjustable stripes are soooo good leh! Again,luckily this lidi fits well!

【PinKyKiKi】荷葉袖壓摺雪紡棉衫 : One of the last three not-so-favourite's. Look at the website and try comparing it. Tell me what you think?!

百變達人@磁鐵式八爪耳環(白色、黑色) 0.8MM: One of the last three not-so-favourite's. The sek zhui not so good hor?! Not worth the price also. Anyway, one very PLUS point is wearing this magnetic earings doesn't cause pain like other normal ones coz the magnets are thin.Minus point is whether if it will drop easily then?!

【YUMI】修飾系聖品.抽繩褲腳內搭褲 : Similarity 100%. Top #3 favourite from this round's bids. Stretchable.Very comfy loh!

【白鳥花子】可人手勾織邊繫繩雪紡T: Similarity 100%. A very good lining.
Elegant piece.

【白鳥花子】綴蕾絲開領娃娃裝 : Similarity 100%. Elegant piece.

【YUMI】輕盈美腿.訂製款寬管休閒褲 : Similarity 80%. This actual colour is darker leh.

【PinKyKiKi】清爽感.晶扣圈圈娃娃長裝 : Similarity 100%. Big. Cute. Wear like mini skirt also boleh oi!

【糖罐子】任選二色$399!平口蕾絲半截小可愛 : no idea.

☆席瑞絲☆雙層雪紡蕾絲滾邊罩衫上衣 : Similarity 100%.

【Reiko Ladies】手製胸花綁脖雪紡上衣: 100% similarity. Nah, this is the one I mentioned above. Compare to above one, this one still need to comment anymore meh?! Of coz beh tan pii lah.

Courtesy from Meow.