Monday, August 21, 2006


The 五斗柜 , 梳妆台 & 抽屉桌 used to collect one layer of dust VERY often no matter how frequent you clean them. You know everytime cleaning got to move this and that so many things. If the cloth was too wet also not suitable since the furniture is wooden type. Pooh hui nia mah. Luckily I found this 懒人法. After I used this 'lapik' 遮掩法, I found that the underneath of this 'lapik' hardly collect any dust . You will say "Of coz lah the dust sticking on the surface of the lapik already mah". Ya lah, somemore this lapik material is not 'cloth' type, more like synthetic-don't-know-what type lah, therefore its surface also very easy to clean. Lap chit pai nia. Mae mae kuai kuai settle liao! If you take the whole piece and clean under tap water or rinse with detergent etc, also very fai fai chui, put under the sun to 'bake' for ~10 min then kao tim also! :)

1 meter RM12.75. What do you call this thing by the way?