Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Bids V received

Our bids arrived on 15th Dec 08. Solid medium box. Great packaging, Meow!

Look here to compare. Satisfactory level 9/10.

【小美日系】優雅女伶‧腰綁帶連身氣質洋裝 NT899 - simply love it! A risky buy but luckily ngam. *What a cold sweat!*

Reiko Ladies】前後U領綁帶雪紡上衣 (共四色) NT430 - Wah...the colour is so damn chio....sei for! :) The free attached necklace got two missing strings. *alamak*

【小美日系】小立領荷葉邊蕾絲擺緞面衫 NT520 - Elegant piece. Ling Zhi Ling style mah. Ha!

【小美日系】優雅雙口袋針織鉤洞罩衫 (共二色) NT499 - Super satisfactory!

【小美日系】千金最愛.混色毛呢附花朵綁帶外套 NT880 - a bit larger than expected. I like the cuffs there which are tightened one, not flare type. A real thick one. Oh no..

【Reiko Ladies】蕾絲鑲飾鑽釦美蝶上衣 (共三色) NT520 - elegant piece also loh. Actual one looks much flare than expected.

【Dream女郎】浪漫主義花紋雙層連身洋 (共三色) NT590 - Material is much rougher than expected.

【Rainbow】仿牛皮百搭款小手提包 (共二色) NT290 - Super satisfactory!

【Rainbow】仿牛皮小古著手提斜背包 (共二色) NT290 - Super satisfactory! A real solid piece. So cool!