Friday, May 21, 2010

A day to remember

Yesteday marked as 'A day to remember' for me.

I always believe that whatever we studied or invested (in the manner of time) will never be wasted.

Last time when started working, I spent 2 years part-time studying that so-called 'boh eong' de NIIT course and got to learn those HTML, Java, programming & etc. In the end, it helped me nothing at work but very useful for my own exploration at lelong, ebay and blogging.

Yesterday using the knowledge and experience in the past on ebay + lelong (buysell) + blogspot, I have finally "conquered" the X forum and got those photos uploaded successfully!! This success has weaponed us just in time for a 'war'. Phew~!


Today lunch 17 ex-colleages came to have "Salted Chicken" meal at my house.
1) 7-morning 8-morning got to wake up already.
2) Cook white radish with dried octopus soup.
3) Take the 1.5kg green tea cake that I ordered from Sunshine bakery.
4) Cook 2 times the rice, as there are 17x of them. My rice cooker maximum can put 9 cups only.
5) Go and collect 9x boxes of salted chickens from Batu Lanchang.