Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Selling recyclable materials

I started it this year, in a more extensive way, after knowing my neighbour is selling those bottles too!

I segregated my waste materials accordingly and then I drove to the resource management company, get them weighed and get paid by A FEW ringgits.

My main purpose is not the $ but to hopefully can contribute (although negligible) to the green environment.

From the latest collection, I managed to see the calculation that lady imposed on the waste materials I collected.

ONP (old newspaper) -  newspapers only (RM0.39/kg)
CB (cardboard) - boxes, hardcovers, cardboards (RM0.40/kg)
MW (material waste) - magazines, brochures, flyers, books, papers (RM0.23/kg)
PLS (plastic materials) - plastic containers, plastic bottles... (RM0.20/kg)

This company that I frequent does not accept glass materials. BUT for those waste material collectors that drove to collect by lorry, some of them do.

In our daily life, we used to throw away many such recyclable materials. One of the examples is those flyers that are dropped into our mailboxes almost everyday.

Some of the examples on how I did my segregation.

1) I keep those juice bottles for enzyme generation (yeah, those which we could add into our washing detergent and etc for cleaning purpose one).

2) I throw those flyers/brochures/magazines into a box.

3) I unfold and throw those box /hardcover packaging of grocery items into another box.

4) I clean and keep those finished/unwanted plastic materials/bottles into another box.

5) I clean and keep those aluminium cans in another bag.