Saturday, October 01, 2011

Nano white Experience

It's my dream to use normal off-the-rack skin products. Finally there comes the chance.

I got this cell moist whitenor (right in pic) as one of the samples in the goodie bag while purchasing health magazine. It has the endorphine aroma which I really like. 

[Nowadays everything has increased its price, if possible, I would like to further cut down the expenses on beauty products too (although my skin has improved a lot on breakouts). I have started using mixed products, but I have difficulty in searching one moisturizer that suits me well and shows result for my skin yet!]

Therefore since my moisturizer of B-liv (by cellnique) purchased from Sasa has nearly emptied, therefore I quickly go and buy this Nano White day renew to try. I chose this which has SPF 25 PA+  instead of the omega day shield SPF 50PA+ (got tinted colour somemore) because my skin is acne-prone , especially after using sunblock or make up.  

Nano White Day renew (RM30.90) 13/9/11
Nano White Intensive de-pigmentator (RM48.90) (from sunshine farlim 18/9/11) - got discount ~24%
Nano White Refining Toner (RM19.90)(from sunshine farlim 18/9/11) - got discount ~24%
Nano White Cell Moist Whitenor (RM26.90 ) from watsons (25/9/11) 

The product I love the best is Nano White Cell Moist Whitenor, It's easily absorbed and no oily, not like its Day Renew (which I find a bit oily after use), and somemore this Whitenor has the endorphine aroma, it's really refreshing after use!!