Friday, August 19, 2005

Aviation - Learn To Fly

Back to 2003, this was one of my dreams.
That time I have just released myself from the NIIT course for about half a year.
This is the catalogue file (inside got the medical check up form, membership application form & etc) I got from Tanjung Flying Club, a place where I everyday drove by after finishing work. I would always slow down my speed in order to take a glimpse on that plane.

The captain even offered to let me have a 'feel' of it sitting inside the plane during their practical lessons. Hehe.... cool uh! Anyway I did not get to 'feel' it eventually due to 'pai sey' for I knew well that I couldn't commit on enrollment 'that' time looking at 'that' price. It was ~RM16k. Oops!

The total fees include the following :

1) training fees
~admin fee
~joining fee
~practical : 12-hrs solo and 33-hrs dual

2) licensing and examination fees
~radio telephony license
~private pilot license (type technical)
~license grant
~flight test

And...'that' perhaps one of the reasons 'flying' remains as one of my dreams still:)

End of 2004 - after watching the HK "Triumph In the Skies" drama series lent by Gee, the 'dream' was awaken and this time it was even crazier - extended to "Flying to Italy" trip....