Monday, October 24, 2005


Everytime when I was there at Aver I picked up some interesting articles. Remember the zsa zsa zsu ?

This time I wanna share with you some Italian words that I learnt from one of the magazines while I was there over the weekend.

Si – Yes (是)
No – No (不)
Ciao – Hi (你好)
Grazie – Thank you (谢谢)
Permesso – Sorry (对不起)
Arrivederei – Bye (再见)
Ti Amo – I love you (我爱你)
Sei Bello – You are very handsome (for male) (你很漂亮 (男士))
Sei Bella – You are very beautiful (for female) (你很漂亮 (女士))
Quanto costa? - How much? (多少钱)