Sunday, November 13, 2005

Soft Hard Union (软硬天师)

The other day I heard one song at don’t-know-where.

The cheery melody went “Chi chi ko chi ka ki, chi ko chi ka ki, paa paa paa…..chi chi ko chi ka ki, chi ko chi ka ki, paa paa paa……”

I knew it was familiar, most probably one of those albums that I love listening to very long time ago. Until much later (a few days later perhaps), then suddenly it came into my mind, "Ah ha! it was from Soft Hard Union - 軟硬天師 <廣播道FANS殺人事件> (released in '93)! "

Soft Hard Union
<廣播道FANS殺人事件> album cover was featured as the 1st picture from the left.

This album of my brother went missing when I was back from uni. Ever since then I never listen to those songs anymore.

Lately I browsed from the net and found that the latest release (Sept 2005) was actually this one <软硬联盟 SOFTHARD ALLIANCE> (the 3rd pic from the left). These are their Best Collection (精选集). (FYI, they are no longer releasing any 'new' albums since 2003).

I guess that's how I heard the song. It could have been played by the CD vendors near the food court, market or etc.