Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Buy Tao Hoon

"Do you have tao hoon?"
"This one, Enerflex."
(Look at the packaging macam those slimming products leh)
"Got any other normal one boh? or perhaps Taiwan brand one boh? Those tin one ah, ka ki pao eh.(自己泡的)"
(I remember those 'organic' shops like got sell one leh. Where liao ah?! Nam Hwa Ee?! Than Tsiang?! Megamall chinatown?!)
"Eh, no leh, we only got this. Or perhaps this one?! Can less somemore leh."
(She passed to me another box - same brand but with the wordings of "slimming product" sort of..)
"Aiyoh, this one better don't lah, tak mau slimming one lah."
(Gaining weight also kang kor liao, somemore wanna slimming meh?!)
"No liao wor. only these two nia wor".
(Looked at it - 15 sachets)
"Grr....cincai lah."
(Handed over RM50, cashier returned the balance of 50 cents)
(Haiyoh, chiak kim loh. Aiyah, teng chyuu tong sin lah (顶住档先啦)! Later got time then only go buy the Taiwan 统一 brand or normal one).


You guys got any recommendation boh?!