Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Owing the bank cari jalan mati

It's very sad to know that when one's house got to be auctioned off. We introduced so many people to the house owner for the past 5 years but he insisted to sell for higher- than- market- price. We have also seen so many potential buyers coming and leaving through house brokers but in vain. We assumed that he was wishing to settle the house loan plus debt (outside one) in one go and therefore no need to pay any extra money. We advised him to let go when the demand was there coz owing the bank's money was no joke one man. He chose to wait for higher selling price. From the conversation we had with him, he seemed to be naive enough to not knowing that as time went on, the interest got accumulated daily would be very very hiong and at the end the debt would be a double or triple jump leh. Somemore the money you owed outside one leh?! We have seen now and then people coming to chase for money. We also knew that his family members have helped him clearing the outside debt for many times. One flat sold to pour into this debt 'hole' and yet it was still very 'thirsty'. So on and so forth............until this evening we finally witnessed the bank's person- in- charged came and put the 'notis lelong'. *Liao lian, mian kong liao *