Sunday, May 21, 2006

Big head blocking Da Vinci

One day one movie. Syiok! Poseidon, The Da Vinci Code. For the latter, I thought I would not have possibly made it before I fly(?) but I did!

I think I agreed with Susan Orlean, "You give up some of the imaginary quality of reading, and trade it for the visuals and the publicness of seeing the movie.

The film version deviated kinda lot from the book. " The most ??? in my mind was when Robert Langdon told Sophie Neveu that she is the last living descendent of Jesus Christ. Wah piang! *ngor yao mou taeng chor ah?!*

I will have to watch again this movie (either in cinema or DVD) because sitting in front of me was a very inconsiderate chao ta por. After the movie has started ~ 15 mins, I asked him politely if he could lean a bit lah but he (and his gf) just ignored, sat straight still, choy lei tou sor! You may think that may be there was someone blocking in front of him uh?! Not even one leh. My friend and I looked around the whole cinema, for the whole 5-6 rows in front of him, his head was the tallest one. His shoulder was like 3 inches above the seat height. So can you imagine how tall his whole head was 'standing' in front of me?! His whole head was blocking 1/3 of the subtitles! When the movie started speaking french, I could see the left and right portions of the sentence only. Mind you, not only this, I managed to watch 2/3 (horizontally) of the screen only throughout the whole show due to his bloody big head.

Tell me what should I do if I were to meet this kind of people next time?!