Friday, May 05, 2006

《剧院魅影》Think of Me

I like to read 沈星 blog partly because of this background song. This is a song which you must have archived somewhere in your brain after watching "The Phantom of the Opera".


The Phantom of the Opera Soundtrack Lyrics

Song : Think of Me Lyrics

Think of me
Think of me fondly when we've said goodbye
Remember me once in a while
Please promise me you'll try

When you find that once again
You long to take your heart back and be free
If you ever find a moment
Spare a thought for me.

We never said our love was evergreen
Or as unchanging as the sea
But if you can still remember
Stop and think of me . . .

Think of all the things
We've shared and seen
Don't think about the ways things might have been . . .

Think of me
Think of me waking, silent and resigned….

Imagine me
Trying too hard
To put you from my mind

Recall those days
Look back on all those times
Think of the things we'll never do
There will never be a day
When I won't think of you . . .


Can it be?
Can it be Christine?


Long ago
It seems so long ago
How young and innocent we were...
She may not remember me
But I remember her...


Flowers fade
The fruits of summer fade
They have their season so do we ...
But please promise me that sometimes
You will think (opera singing)
of ~~~~~~~~~ ^^^^^^ me!

The soundtrack that I last mentioned before in this blog was ("I'd Be Surprisingly Good For You" from Evita).
I have got all the winamp -> m3u file ready for my 'NatKingCole', plus the html coding ready for mediaplayer add-on but the problem is I do not have the webspace to store the playlist and mp3 files coz am using blogspot server mah. So how am I gonna add it leh? Please teach me if you know ok.