Tuesday, September 19, 2006


LKW trip 16~18 Sept 06 . This was my family's first time to LKW.

This was the sickening ferry we took. Three hours journey. Almost 2/3 of the passengers vomitted. My mum was the champion out of all. I vomitted 3 mouthfuls of what I ate in the morning, sit chai beh tahan the surrouding ppl all "orgh!! orgh!! orgh!! .......... non stop. OMG!

lkw 01
We stayed at the Langkasuka Beach Resort. It was 1/2 hour journey away from town, located very near to airport. The road leading to this airport/hotel got no street lamps one at night and the whole stretch of road was under 'korek-korek lubang-lubang' condition. Very sao kar (羞家) to foreign tourists loh. OMG!

The telaga harbour park. Wdy, Cean and I brought my niece out for a short ronda around the north west / north region. Boh hoo hae pun hoe (没虾鱼也好), this was the first look-like-worth-stopping-by spot after driving for ~20 min. OMG! Very mian kiang (勉强) 'spot' leh.

lkw 03
Oriental village where the cable car station is located. OMG! Tell me, this village oo hae mik mee kia ho kua first (有啥好看的)?
lkw 04
Black sand beach - OMG! or sua chit pia tik ei peng, oo hae mik teit peit (有啥特别)? Tanjung Rhu beach - I also yeng chao (应酬) loh since ppl wanted to snap photo. :) Lang square - OMG! Come on! Very miang kiang (勉强) leh.
lkw 05
Four Season Resort. We were told to pay a visit to this resort wor coz heard very 'keng chao' (劲超) one wor. The entrance itself already hou kwai zhan hum (好鬼震撼) ah! No chance to snap, sorry.

Wah! four season 01
Wah Wah!
four season 02
Wah Wah Wah!

I believe you ppl are very familiar with this view (bottom) already right?! Neh, always appearing in magazines one.

four season 03
There was wedding reception near the beach. Wah! I saw the HK artist 张桑悦 (the lady wearing in pink) attending also leh. She was sent by the golf coach and drove past us. She looked very normal aje leh in real person.

four season 04

four season 05

No wonder MAS sit tai pun lah investing in such luxurious hotel. You got to fork out at least RM2000 to stay here.

Cable car. 15 min up per way. *at least this was 'something' although not very worthy*
lkw 09

Hotel beach (day vs night). The pool side hawker 'fair' got 3 stalls only as 'pameran' and got no customers for all night long. The beach grill bar got one stall with a few pcs of grill kae yae displayed. Got only one couple for the whole night long. The teppanyaki restaurant also got only 1 couple for the whole night long. Har?! 惨淡经营! Kesian....
lkw 10
Underwater world. *at least this was something lah worth visiting* But boh pee also RM28/=. The 3D show - I saw the foreign tourists shaking their heads in dismay after this show finished. Mou ngan tai loh.

lkw 11
The rest of the places I totally boh gian snap photos liao lah. Too damn disappointed liao.

lkw 12 Going back - the ferry stopped twice in the middle of the sea, repair don't know what, made us subject to goyang- goyang like that. OMG!

So sucks.

Tell you what! The K*n*ngan Holidays cho seng li boh lao sit (做生意不老实). Tell you this no problem that problem whatever thing also tak apa, can, boleh... and ended up you go there totally 180 different story. Forget it!

Due to mum 呕到不似人形, so I got to lar lar lum rush to hotel upon arrival and ended up having lunch at hotel. Fried rice RM13. Waited for nearly 40 min to serve.
RM13/= fried rice
First night don't know where to find food. Cin cai take one stall and order liao. Cannot afford to drag any more due to the drive taken to town was too long and somemore 'or or arm arm' (黑黑暗暗) one. (~RM35)
malay food
This was another si peh qiu chuak one! Going straight down the road from our hotel ~10 min drive one (heading to underwater world). Guess the price lah! (RM53!)
very chiu chuak chi food
At Kuah one. This is a reasonable economic zhu char stall.
kuah food
I dare not buy many things as it's not convenient to carry tua pao sei pao with kid along.
And you guess what?! I will not go to LKW again in my life time coz for me it's so damn sucks.