Sunday, September 03, 2006

tembak & kena

After coming out from the Ding Tai Feng, drove down the turn towards the roundabout, the policemen waved at my car and stopped me by the roadside.
"Ei, lu chao shu (over speed) hor?" my mum asked.
"I don't think so lah." (I was chatting with the kid therefore I drove in the inner lane - for me, it meant 'slow' lah.)
I stopped at the side, sandwitched my car in between the two cars which were stopped earlier. There were three policemen.
I wound down my window,"Yes?" when one policeman came to me.
"Cik, tunjuk IC please."
I unzipped my bag and took out my IC.
"Oops, sorry, driving license too hor?" I realized and took back, showing him the driving license also.
"licenses hidup?"
I grabbed back again and took out the 'license hidup".
Now he got all what he needed.
"Cik, kenapa pakai handphone cik?"
"Tak da lah, gua mana ada pakai handphone?"
"Depa cakap you pakai handphone, cik."
"Aiyoh, mana ada leh, nah you sendiri pun nampak lah I tadi baru buka bag aje nak ambil keluar IC, handphone dalam bag sini leh ."
"Kami tak pakai handphone lah encik." *innocent look*
"Ok lah." He signalled me to go.
"Terima kasih ya."
Haiyoh, yao mou kao chor ah? Simply 'wat' ngor for using handphone.
Can you see how they jalan tugas huh? They just stopped cars randomly without any proofs using 'tembak & kena' method. If you were unlucky enough, then you know lah har.

This was not the first time. I knew the 'trick'. If I did not do anything wrong, lei lor ngor mou fu.