Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Hopefully in time ...

Two weeks more and it gonna be CNY already. I really mou ngan tai loh with the status. The car porch flooring just about to get started. The wall etc was only halfway painting. The soil, grass and etc need time to tidy up and trim also kua. The gate leh cannot be done wor coz it supposed to queue at the last.

For the side part, all the lightings etc are not yet up. The aqua all not yet installed. The tank not yet sourced.

Not only day time we got to jaga, night time also got to jaga them for some little bit and there installation.

If all these are not finished how are we supposed to clean? External can be kao tim by them, but internal one we got to spend at least a few days too leh. Cleaning now is a waste of time and energy as they still on and off access the internal part. Washing machine one day can clean how many curtains, linings and etc ah?!

Don't tell me it gonna repeat like what happened last year loh (you ppl should know what happened lah), up until the very last min then only we were able to go and cincai buy some food stuff . It was just one or two days before CNY.