Saturday, February 10, 2007

Ppl still remember my mtb incident, orr tao loh!

Wahlau ei, si peh orr tao loh.

This morning I sent my mountainbike to the bicycle shop opposite SS for repair and replacement of parts. The Lim bicycle shop.

The tau chiu just started to open shop.
"Hi, taukeh, XX kai siao me coming here one. Need your help to take a look on my bike lah, need some replacement lah.It's in my car."
"OK, no problem".
I kelam-kabut find no way to take out the bike.
"I forgot how to take out the front wheel lah, so I straighaway put the whole piece in here, haha!"
While he took out the rim for me, "This bike seemed very long time never touch odi wor."
"Ya loh, it's been ~ 2 yrs liao. Last time I joined SGA group one lah."
"Oh, you joined Ong they all one ah?"
"Oh......I remember liao. The one fell down then was not ALLOWED to cycle anymore one." he said.
*I nearly fainted when he suddenly blurted so*
Anyway, this is what they assumed lah all this while by saying I was NOT ALLOWED to cycle. Ha!
"Haha! Ya lah ya lah, you know also ah, it's me loh!" *si peh pai sey, trying to find a hole*
I explained, "Well, I was bz jaga kids lah, so really did not have the mood and time to spare out for this. Now the kids are getting bigger so I may consider resume soon, that's why I come now. Getting ready." I told him so.
Then I said," Ah ha....I remember you liao, you are the kid who followed us last time, grow up so tall already,hardly recognize you! You become taukeh here odi ah?"
"No lah, relative one. Neh, the one last time you always fetched your bike going there with Kenari one...Ah, we closed there and moved to here."
"Oic, yao chin tou wor."

"You replace the chain for me please. Rusty already."
"Well, this one no need to change also can wor. I can do for you."
"You just change lah. I felt very insecure. Safety comes first ah.Then the tyres, tubes, if need to change also change lah."
"OK, chain about ~RM60. Let me check first. Tyres, see got crack liao, need also."
"Can you give me tyres less kasar mia bunga one ah, this one took me too much strength to pedal lah, tak larat."
"Ya, this one is really rough. Nah, this one (~RM50 each wheel), your kaki all use this type."
"OK lah, tube leh, my pouch here got one spare tube lah, if need to change, change also lah."
"Tubes right? If after checking still OK no punctured anything, then no need. How about these brake pads ? harden already wor? Nah, this one (~RM10 each pair)."
"Change also lah. This pedal slightly rusty leh, got better one without this type of gigi or not? painful leh everytime when kena."
"Got...nah, these two..." (he showed me the one ~RM50, RM60 one also got gigi)
"Aiyah, wait. You calculate for me how much I need to spend first with whatever you just now said one, can ah? Want to know the budget lah. If not later got to pay RM500 for all. :) Let me check out whether if I can tahan still with these pedals."
Aiyah, after considering twice, pedal keep lah, don't want change liao.

"You got provide re-painting service or not? Some parts the paint worn out liao."
"No wor, sorry...I'll polish and clean it for you lah don't worry."
"OK lah. I take this silicon spray first. Need it now. The rest I kao tim with you when I come back to collect."
"OK, you can come and take in the afternoon."
"Oh NO, jup ! You do it slowly slowly har Ah Bar, take your time. I'll take next week after work. You open till what time?"
"OK, you do it slowly har.I am not in hurry one. House got no place to put also now.:) "
He laughed, "Alright!".