Sunday, August 12, 2007

Free gifts

Eventhough I have been years didn't pong chan Lo Hong Ka, it sent you the free voucher for you to redeem your BD gifts every year. Lo Hong Ka gives Pearl Anew 10 sachets worth RM28. :) It also gives 20% disc to lo hong ka products and 5% on other products. Last year the free gift was aloe vera.

HSBC credit card gives OSIM i-toothbrush worths RM65. Since the guy said that I can change it with other item with similar price, then I chose the i-brush instead. :) It can be used for scalp massage as well as body massager (for neck and shoulder) when you remove the brush bristles. "Normally ppl won't choose i-brush lah, coz it's just a 'comb' mah" the guy said so. However to a person with hair loss like me, haha, different story odi mah right?! :)

Thanks to qbay for having these shops so I need not travel down to GP like previous years.

GSC free ticket belum redeem lagi....I think I don't have chance for that odi.