Sunday, February 03, 2008

Sayonara to my mtb!

To me spending K-amount for a mtb like this is considered worthwhile. It's something solid which I could touch, hold, see and use. No matter how long I abandon lah, as long as got minimal maintenance, it's still usable. Anyway, it's now out of my sight already - SOLD! after considering the factors : no luxurious time & no space to keep.

I really hmm kum lor to let go this bike. My very kum cheng bike leh. My heart started aching since the day the buyer said yes. This was the last pic I took on my bike yesterday.

Anyway, I've started to consider replacing my mtb with basketball.

To me, spending H-amount, let alone K, for such things are not worthy at all especially those like the one in the left pic. Right pic one at least I can use for 1 yr or more, still OK lah. Those left pic items, the consumption rate is high and it vanishes in a few months' time. You can use until the last single drop but no matter how aging still persists. Nah.....

Shu qi's way of spending.....scared!