Saturday, February 02, 2008

ERT photos

ERT training on 31st Jan 07 (Thu).

It's been rather long since we last had our ERT fire fighting session.

Unlike the first session (last week) which got a big group of attendees, we this 2nd session only consisted of ~13 members. Some have even gone missing halfway to attend to work issues/audit issues and left us ~8x at the end.

The guys' group - training on hydrant drill (wet run).

The second group - I asked the trainer to let me try out. The trainer asked the 4th guy at the other end to turn on the water half only, considering that I was the skinniest female out of all. He also asked the guys to help me holding the hydrant 'mouth', see?!

See? the water came out like kencing and we all laughed

Aiyoh.......pressure still low leh....

Ah ha! See how happy I was?! That's the pressure lah I want! :)

It's hot under the sun, we shot high and we turned wet showered by the water too!

Wahlau, see that guy still got time to look at the camera and posed 'smile' face! :)

Fire extinguisher's training.

Each of us took turns to put out the fire either using CO2 or ABC (dry powder).

My turn.

OK, dry powder was easier. I was standing in the wrong direction though.

Tired faces after the training.