Sunday, April 13, 2008

Bids II arrive

Sorry har, I do not know how to play with the camera setting lah, so the photos looked dark. Anyway, this time I posted it BIG so that you can see clearer.

Refer here for Pics at website .

Very risky to bid for pants. Luckily it fits well. See the next pic.

My niece har, beh hiao aim zhun zhun one lah, cannot harap one. :)

Repeat bid. Bid 1x more to keep.

Waiting very long loh for this pre-order item.

Repeat bid. Bid 1x more to keep.

The Reiko Ladies and Tian Mu gifts.

手信 from Meow. I have always told Meow that luckily I am not staying+working at Taiwan, if not I will sure turn BROKE every month! :) coz I like their products (from 7-11, eating, clothes to household items etc etc etc) very much!)
Thank you ah!